Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mommy & Lilly Belle's Summer Bucket List

I am so excited for this summer! I have been excited for this summer since last summer.
This is the summer that I will be a real stay at home mom with my sweet girl. I will only be teaching 2 classes/week at a preschool, who knows-she might even nap right through that each week and not even know I was gone ;)

Now that May is almost over, it became real a few days ago that, "Whoa...pretty soon I get to just play with Lilly Belle all day!" I have been brainstorming what I want us to do this summer and came up with our summer bucket list. There are even more things that I hope we do as a family (day trips, etc.) but these are just things that I know Lilly Belle & I can do during our days together.

Most of these things are free. If we can cross off even half of the things on this list I know we will have a beautiful summer together. 

Just 3 more weeks!

What are your plans for the summer? I'd love to hear some more ideas :)

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