Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Disney Bug - Planning our Trip!

I haven't blogged about it in a while now that I am in the midst of our Spring Quarter for dance, but my Fairytale Journeys by Chelsea - Disney vacation planning, is really going well.

I have booked vacations for 4 families now, 2 of which have already had their trips. I am in the midst of booking my 5th vacation now and I really am loving it. Matt and I thought we really knew just about all we could know about Disney (well, at least Matt did) but now that I have started this new adventure, we have learned even more and of course that makes us that much more excited for our upcoming family vacation to Walt Disney World / Caribbean Disney Cruise! 

My Disney bug doesn't end here. I've just announced that my dance program will be offering 3 separate Frozen themed dance camps this summer along with our annual "Dancing with Disney" & "Pirates and Princess" themed camps. I just can't get enough! 

I just wanted to share a few fun items I've found on Pinterest and Etsy that I hope to make/buy before our big trip in December. I figure if I start now that maybe I'll get at least half of them checked off the list ;) 

On the Caribbean Disney Cruises, there is always the Pirates of the Caribbean deck party and our family will most definitely be dressing up for the occasion. I cannot wait to get Lilly Belle in a sassy little get up like the one below. I'll most likely make her something myself mixed in with whatever I can get together during Halloween. I just love this little tank with the lace & bloomers though. Too cute! 
This outfit is from the Etsy shop, RaeGun

I am so excited to walk around the park in matching family shirts! I found an adorable Etsy shop TiffanyandGirls that has the perfect iron on downloads. I cannot wait to make our shirts :)
This option is just one of like 5 I have saved right now. Can't make up my mind yet. 

I've always loved the idea of having the characters sign a pillowcase for Lilly Belle so that she can always bring it along on our Disney vacation. And...knowing she is our child, she will most likely want to sleep with it at home too ;)
This pillowcase is from another awesome Etsy shop, Monogram4me.

This item doesn't have anything to do with our specific trip but with our love for Disney...and Starbucks ;) I cannot wait to get this up in our kitchen! 
Yet another adorable Etsy shop (I'm only slightly Etsy obsessed...I love knowing I'm helping another fellow small business owner). Go check out DesignsbyNicolina!

And, last but definitely not least, my friend Jeni (real life friend) makes the cutest Disney Princess dresses! I just planned a Disneyland vacation for her sweet family and I loved seeing the pictures of her daughter (who is also one of my former students) all dressed up playing in the parks! Too cute! I cannot wait to get some of these for Lilly Belle. I think the Rapunzel one is my favorite. The Jasmine one is pretty spectacular as well but...no Jasmine allowed in this family ;) 
(Matt's pre-Chelsea girlfriend was "very close friends" with Jasmine at WDW in case anyone didn't know lol...)
Anyway...adorable dresses! Check out JeniRoDesigns.com

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