Thursday, July 10, 2014

Lilly Belle: Eleven Months

Lilly Belle's 11 month birthday landed on 4th of July so we ditched our stickers for a pinwheel at Nana & Papa's ;) 

Lillian Belle: Eleven Months Old

Matt and I are feeling super chill about Lilly Belle almost being one...NOT. It is actually killing us how fast time is going. This next month can go in slow motion, please...

Weight: I still see rolls and she still has a budda belly. Winning.  

Health: Lilly is a healthy little peanut. She has been such a trooper getting her two top teeth at the same time. We only had a few days where I thought it was really bothering her and she only had Tylenol once or twice for it. 

Sleep: What what?! Documenting this: June 29th, Lillian Belle sleeps through the night! Prior to that, the rest of the month - especially in WI, girlfriend was still up every 2-3 hours...sometimes every  hour and sometimes I got a 4 hours stretch (sometimes). I just soak it up though because I want her to keep nursing for a while yet. Mornings are super hard for me though until I get my coffee. Thank goodness I have Super Daddy to help me out there. 

Social: Lilly Belle LOVES people. Yes, I said that word louder so it is in caps. She loves waving and smiling at everyone...and I literally mean everyone. She also has to say good-bye "Ba" to everyone with a full on wave. I mean, people we pass in the store even. She is so friendly and outgoing. All you have to do is smile and give her a little wave and you'll win her over. Sweet girl. 

She still likes to be around kids. I try to give her that opportunity as much as possible. She is so observant and likes to try and copy them. She isn't so much a fan of being around younger babies, they don't interest her much. Put her in a room full of kids older than her though and she will be happy as can be. 

Schedule: Our schedule changes daily. She is really good at going with the flow. We make sure she gets her naps and if she doesn't then we put her to bed a little earlier. She usually only naps for 45 min-1 hour at a time every 3-4 hours, sometimes 5. 

Diet:  Lilly is still nursing a few times throughout the day. More this month so probably 4-5 times. That is including when she wakes up in the morning and when I lay her down for bedtime. During the night she nurses 1-3 (or 4) times (usually).  

Clothes: I have officially put all of her 6-month onesies away as they are too snug now. She is fitting a bit snug in her 9-month onesies and pants and now suddenly fits perfectly in her 12-month clothes. Make it stop :(   

Baby Gear Love:  She is still swaddled every night and I still love our Aden & Anais blankets. We use our Ergo a ton as well as our Britax stroller (which we talked about yesterday and decided we would buy that stroller all over again, it's awesome!) 

Crying: Lilly really only cries when she is overtired. 

Likes:  Mommy ;) No but really. People. Kids especially. Waving and saying "hi" to people. Playing with "dog dog" and her books. Her favorite is to take every book out of her basket and off of her shelf. Lilly loves Minnie Mouse - go figure. We tried for a while to change that to Pluto or Mickey but as of now, Minnie is her clear favorite. She still likes bath time but is much too interested in standing to last long in there like she used to. 

Milestones:  Lilly Belle continues to grow socially & physically. It has been amazing to watch her move all around & to see how quickly she can go from crawling to standing. She is pulling up on everything and walking along furniture. She can walk as we hold her hands now as well. Lilly is great at communicating, especially at meal time. She tells us "done done done" when she is done eating & will sign "more" when she wants more...of anything. She actually uses the "more" sign for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or anything Minnie related as well ;)  

Ok, so I have like 8,000 pictures from this month so I'm going to do my best to narrow it down.
Wisconsin pictures will go in a separate post - SO many! Also...just realized these are just the ones from my phone. So...maybe 4 more posts will cover it ;)

Stop it.

"Mom...stop." ...ha, Cogsy begging for water & photo bombing. 

My Sleeping Beauty. And...photobomb by her monster.

"Hey guys!"

"What are you guys doing in there?"...she stood here for a good 20 minutes just watching the kids and holding onto the train. Sweet girl.

Nana came to music class with us :)

Her little body! I die.

Love this girl.

Her sweet little tired face.

Learned "Cheeeese!" (loves footballs)

Need to do a post on this, but this was her Father's Day project. First time painting :) Don't worry- I made the paint out of flour, water & food coloring. 

Happy Father's Day - "Rad Like Dad"

First time she was totally interested in the "crabby cabby's" at Nana & Papa's Beach House.

Lilly and Grandma on the porch swing right before heading to the airport.

Silly Grandpa!!

Ready for Sunday School :)

Afternoon playing at home :)

I cannot believe my next post will be her One Year post :'( 

Lillian Belle,

Our sweet girl. You are turning into the friendliest person I have ever met. You love to smile and wave at everyone. You will wave and wave and wave until they wave back. And then you give them the cheesiest grin. I'm talking, random strangers at the grocery store or Ikea... When they don't wave back I can feel your disappointment and I am always telling you to never ever stop waving and smiling. And now, at your age, I mean that literally. But, as an adult, I hope that you are always bringing sunshine and smiles to people's lives like you are now. And Lilly, when they don't let you in - just keep smiling....Eventually they'll smile back. 

I love you so incredibly much. I cannot even begin to tell you. Your daddy and I are so thrilled to be your parents. You are without a doubt the happiest, sweetest baby I've ever known. (I'm only slightly bias). 

Big kisses!!

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