Thursday, July 10, 2014

Wisconsin Visit - June 2014: Part 2

The pictures are a little mixed up, but all from the same trip :)

Sharing avocado with "Auntie" Kaylin

Morning snuggles with Uncle Caleb while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Gigi stopped in for a morning visit

LB thinks her Grandpa is pretty funny

Got to spend a lot of time with my friends 

Grandma & Grandpa have a cool bath tub

Selfies with "Auntie" Jenna at "Auntie" Micky's shower

Grandma, LB & Mommy & Micol's shower

This face!

and those eyes... (mac and cheese date with "Auntie" Micky at our favorite...Noodles!)

Big girl in Grandma & Grandpa's tree swing

Spending time with her "cousins" & "Auntie" Carly

Meeting her Great Grandma Hampe for the first time!

So special that she has both my grandma's in her life. I know Matt's grandma's would have loved her too!

My grandma found an old movie of me when I was like 2 and wanted to show Lilly & I :)

My baby cousins, Aunt & Uncle came to visit LB 
**Side Note: they actually are my aunt and uncle and first cousins ;) 

Cousin Gabby & Lilly 

I see some similarities in Marina & Lilly in their baby pictures. I think it is their eyes/nose area...maybe chin too? I don't know...they're all so cute :) 
Marina, Gabby, Lilly & Jacob

TONS more pictures to come...

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  1. Hey love! its not letting me email you or find you on instagram!? Could you shoot me an email when you get a chance. And p.s. how is Lilly Belle already 11 months?!?!!?