Sunday, July 20, 2014

My Journey Becoming a Teacher!

So, this is happening.
I am in college. Like for real.
I have been a study maniac at nap time and bedtime.
(and take many brain breaks for Pinterest teacher boards and blogs as motivation)

I have been talking to every teacher I can - wherever & whenever I can.
A few days ago, I took Lilly to Lakeshore Learning which is a store for teachers and just walked around talking to everyone in there. They were obviously all teachers and I just approached every single one of them in there asking if they could take a minute to answer some questions I have on becoming a teacher. They were all so willing to chat and so excited for me - and of course adored Lilly Belle. Some of the advice I received was excellent! 

I am also thankful that my close friend, Casie, is a Kindergarten teacher. We had a playdate with our kiddos yesterday and she taught me so much about things to do now to make sure I will get a job when the time comes. Volunteer, volunteer, volunteer! So, starting this fall, I will be spending one day a week in her classroom. She teachers morning Kindergarten from 8:30-11:30 and I will get to help her in her room. She also made my day life when she said I can help her put her classroom together this year. 

I also have my friend, Ashley, who now teaches 5th grade. She just completed her first year of teaching and I would love to go and help her as much as I can as well so I can get a feel for the "big kids" too ;) 

I learned that I should just go for it as far as taking a lot of classes each quarter. If I take just one extra class/quarter, I cut out a whole quarter of classes/year. And I'm also going to continue always taking class in the summer. Now that I am in school now taking one class this summer, I am finding that next summer I would be fine to take two. This summer was our test run since I haven't gone to school in a long time. 

Currently, I am attending Bellevue College. The class I take is online so that has given me the freedom to study, do homework, projects & discussions all while Lilly Belle is sleeping. She has not once had to play while I sat there doing studying. I have (so far) been able to put it all away when she is awake and make sure I am giving her my full attention. So far, it's a win-win. 

I am still not sure where I will go once I am done with classes at Bellevue. I have a few paths I could take - all with pros and cons. So we'll see where I end up.

Right now, I am focused on my current summer class, finalizing all of my finical aid/student loan stuff & researching different schools that offer a BA in Elementary & Special Education.

We have some big decisions to make in the next few years, but I know it will all be so worth it once I am officially a teacher and  have my own class!

And I'll end on this funny photo which I found on a site from a first-year teacher ;)

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