Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Wisconsin Visit - June 2014: Part 1

(written while I was there)

Lilly Belle & I have been in Wisconsin now for 4 full days and we also had a full day of travel. We will be here for 4 more full days and then another day of travel. We are officially half-way through our trip. So far everything has been going really well and we are having a good time with our family and friends. We are keeping busy & have had time to relax as well. I hosted Micol's Bridal Shower today and I am happy with how everything went. She had a lot of family & friends there, got a ton of nice things & we had a lot of fun :) It was nice to meet all of her friends and family who are also in the wedding party. Being that we are "growing up" friends and now live 2,000 miles away, I only knew 2 other bridesmaids. One I played soccer with when I was really young & one I was friends with as well in HS. Lilly loved spending time with Grandma and her "Auntie" Jenna while we were there & even helped open some presents ;) 

Now that shower planning and the shower are over, we will just be relaxing and filling up our days with things on my WI bucket list. 

Here are some (not all yet) of the pictures from our first few days of our first Wisconsin Summer Vacation...

Seeing her Uncle Coco again. She was probably more interested in his beard and awesome necklace but he enjoyed getting to hold her and play with her for a bit :)

Uncle Coco & Grandpa are always making her laugh :)

Hanging out with Grandma picking some flowers :)

Auntie Jenna brought her niece over and we took the girls out to lunch at our favorite, Perc Place (a coffee cafe we have been going to religiously since 7th grade when it opened).

Pre-Perc Place photo shoot ;)

This was just her 1st of 3 trips to Perc Place over our 10-day vacation.

Gigi came for a morning visit and her "Bella" hung out with her in her pajamas :)

Just looking so cute watching the World Cup with Grandpa :)

Go USA! Taking a break from playing to check the score...

New tradition as we have them in this same place for a photo when Lilly was 4 months old. Here in this photo she is 10 1/2 months old.

Snuggles with mommy before nap :)

And again, Grandpa being silly!

Having a chit chat with Grandpa :)

More photos coming...it will probably take about 5 posts to get them all up here. That's okay, I have time...I'm off for the summer! wahoo!!

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