Sunday, August 10, 2014

Lilly Belle's 1st Birthday: Part 2

Such a fun shot!

I couldn't decide which of these faces I loved the here you will find the many cake faces of Lillian Belle ;) 

Poor kid didn't have her sippy cup (fail from mommy- oops) 

Matt and I have a tradition of making Funfetti cakes for each other every year on our birthdays, no matter where we are together to celebrate. We even had Funfetti as our wedding cake! It was so neat to make Lilly Belle her Funfetti cake this year! 

Those eyes!

Gracie enjoying her cake :) 

Claire and Sadie enjoying their GF cupcakes that their mommy brought for them :) Yummy Pinkabella! 

We had 30 guests in attendance :) 

Lilly Belle gave her kid guests splash bombs and bubbles as favors!


So glad there is a sink out there, we just hosed her off :) be continued...again. 

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