Sunday, August 3, 2014

That Thing You Do.

Our sweet Lilly Belle has been doing the cutest little things that I don't want to forget!

*Sitting in Chipotle for dinner, we sat at the round table in the corner which has the line wrap around it. The entire hour we were there, you smiled & waved at people in line until they would smile and wave back at you. Once you had them, you didn't stop there. You are such a little ham & you make so many people happy!

*On one of our many recent adventures to Target, while in the baby food aisle, you simply could not stand waiting any longer and practically lunged out of the cart (which you were buckled into) to try and get a pouch (your favorite). So, I went with it. You sat in the cart eating a pouch that I had not yet paid for as many other woman walked passed. ...awesome. Mommy win moment ;)

*Every morning when you wake up, I nurse you in the glider and then when you are all done, you immediately pop up - say "done" and point for the door as you say "da da da da da!" So then we walk into Mommy & Daddy's room to wake up Daddy (who is usually just pretending to sleep) and when he pops up you get SO excited and start kicking and flailing your arms and legs all around in excitement to see him. 

*When we are at the mall and we ride in the elevator which is clear glass, you say "Whoa!!" and go crazy in your stroller waving your arms up and down. It's hilarious and everyone in the elevator is usually giggling. You're going to love Disney.

*We had breakfast at IHOP for Daddy's birthday. The hostess sat us kind of funny; very close to another family. You didn't mind one bit. You spent most of the breakfast turned around in your high chair listening in on all of their conversations. At first we tried to stop you, but the family was amazing with you and told us they really did not mind so we eventually just let you. You were so happy to "chat" with them!

*You are constantly "flirting" with everyone. You always tilt your head to your shoulder and give the best smiles - people love when you do that :)

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