Sunday, August 10, 2014

Lilly Belle's 1st Birthday: Part 3

Miss Avery was just as excited about the Minnie Mouse balloon as Lilly Belle was...future Disneyland trip with the Moeller's is a must! ;) 

We had Lilly Belle open her gifts from her friends at the pool and from family back at home.

The Chapman's got LB a Baby Stella and she I don't know that she has put it down since she opened it up... :) Stella even came with us to Ikea today! 

She loves to give her stuffies hugs and kisses now and will do it without us asking her to do it. She does it when she feels like it and I love catching her do it. It's priceless! She loves all her "friends"! 

My sweet birthday girl! 

Sweet summertime fun with her buddies Maddie & Beckham! 

Avery is 2 going on 16 in this one lol. Cracks me up! 

Lilly gets to play with her Chapman friends every Tuesday while Mommy teaches at a preschool and we are ever so thankful! She loves them so much!

These two pictures of Lilly Belle & Jodee make me so thankful for the friendship we have made and for the love they have shown for Lilly Belle. It is so clear in these photos how much these two love each other (and baby Stella lol). I just love these girls and these pictures so so much!! 

Lilly Belle and her Jodee :) Such sweet cuddles (which if you know Lilly Belle, know that does not happen often - so this picture just melts my heart!)

I made her "ONE" board over the past week and love how it turned out. I think I will continue doing them for Lilly Belle and any future Lanese kids until they are 5 years old :) 

Proud Daddy :) ... I am so thankful and lucky to have Matt as my husband and father to our sweet baby! He just loves her so much and it shows :) 

Lilly with her Nana and Papa :) 

My world! 

Auntie Mel spending some time with the birthday girl. Lilly Belle is a big Auntie Mel fan :)!!! 

We took the party back home for family presents and pizza. Lilly Belle eventually took a nap, too :)

"Shut up! I get to be a mermaid when we go to Walt Disney World?! Yes!" ...I am secretly, ok now it's not a secret, hoping that one day Lilly Belle can work at WDW or DL like we did and maybe, just maybe she really would get to be Ariel...Ah how cool would that be?! Her big eyes and red far so good ;) 

Where's the birthday girl??? Hehe..lucky baby in all her presents :) She loves the tissue paper and boxes way more of course, but it was just so much fun!

Now that Lilly Belle has been 1 for a whole week, I am no longer sad, just so excited for what is to come! She has become such a character and I just love watching her learn and grow everyday. Daily she is changing and doing new things now. This is such a fun age. Just tonight when she was done nursing, she sat up, looked at me and said, "Night night! Bed, bed, bed, bed...." while pointing to her bed. Um...ok...sure, you can go to bed now lol. It was so cute! And, I didn't know she knew the word "bed". Really cool.

Anyway, to wrap these posts up...
Lilly Belle is now ONE and we are so thankful for a happy & healthy little girl. She has blossomed into such a fun toddler and for the most part, pretty easy. I really do want to try to blog more as she really is changing so quickly now.

So, one more time...Happy 1st Birthday, Lillian Belle! We love you more than you'll ever know!

Love, Mommy & Daddy

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