Friday, August 15, 2014

"When Papa Put the Paper on the Wall"...

There is a song that my dad has been singing to my siblings and I since before I can remember. His grandpa (my great grandpa Garbisch) sang it to him and now...I sing it to Lilly Belle.

I wanted to write about this because it was just too cute to forget.

So the lyrics to the song go...

When Papa* put the paper on the wall,
He put the parlor paper in the hall.
He papered up the chairs. He papered up the stairs.
He even put the paper on my grandma's shawl.

The ladder slipped.
And then began to fall...
He spilled all the paint - upon us all

Like birds of a feather, 
we all stuck together
when Papa* put the paper on the wall!

So before I go on, notice:
*We change Papa to everyone in our family...Mommy, Daddy, Cogsy, Papa, Nana, Grandma, Grandpa, Clare, Caitlin, Quenton, Auntie get the point. 

Notice I underlined the words 'put the'.

after I sang this song to her a few times last night while I was nursing her, she began playing the funniest game. I was exhausted and whenever I would finish singing the song I kept falling asleep. Within seconds, she would stop nursing, look up at me and say "put-the put-the put-the!" and then I would start singing again and she would go back to nursing happily. She had me sing the song at least 15 times with everyone's names until finally I was literally going to fall asleep and made the decision for both of us that it really was time for bed. She fell asleep in her bed singing "put-the put-the put-the" even after I left. 

I figured it was just an adorable fluke. I even called my Dad to tell him about it.
 So tonight when I went to rock her/nurse her, I sat down in the glider, got her all settled and started singing our usual song, "Sunshine on My Shoulders" while she started nursing and...nope. She wasn't having it. Right away, she remembered and started saying "put-the put-the put-the!" 

So...I started singing "When Papa Put the Paper on the Wall" and the game began again all over again. Every time I'd stop singing, she would remind me to start again and I would. 

Tonight I lay her down in her crib and heard her for a quite a while singing "put-the put-the put-the" to herself in her crib before she fell asleep.

...sweet girl. 
I love this age.

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