Wednesday, October 29, 2014

2014 Fall Feast Family Fun Day

Every year, with the exception of last year since Lilly Belle was just 2 months old, I host a Fall Feast Family Fun Day for our family :) I get so excited about it every year and love spending time with everyone all together. This year, we decided to make it even more fun and make it a costume party - which will definitely remain a tradition from now on (heads up fam fam). 

The cousins were all so cute in their costumes. Lilly Belle may request to borrow Caitlin's pony costume in a few years, Auntie Megan ;) We had a dragon, a pumpkin, a pony & a pirate princess all join us for the party this year! Us grown ups dressed up as pirates, a prisoner, a clown, Crazy Crab & in fun halloween shirts. 

A few of the traditions are that we eat Slow Cooker Chicken Chili with cornbread and rolls for dinner, and snack on Nuts & Bolts all day (trail mix). We also eat way too much candy corn and my homemade butterfingers and then all feel sick at the end of the night. I'll never stop making them though - so worth the tummy good! We also carve pumpkins. This year with it being at the beach house, I remembered to pack everything for the party except for our pumpkins. By the time it was time to carve, I was so wiped out from the day that I didn't participate, but I did enjoy watching :)

This year we added to the fun by playing a couple games as well. We played Halloween Bingo, which the kids were able to enjoy as well (minus Quenton who was napping). We also had the grown ups race to see who could mummify their partner the fastest using one roll of toilet paper. That game got a little cray cray - probably won't do that one again. Us grown ups played Cards Against Humanity and a fun Pictionary type game that we play.

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