Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Journey To A Dream...Disney Parks Moms Panel

It has been almost a full month now since I sat here at my computer, with Matt supporting me on the sidelines (sitting behind me on our bed), as I filled out my first ever Disney Parks Moms Panel application. I nervously answered the questions to the best of my knowledge. I felt like and still feel like I got lucky with the essay question I was asked. It went something like, "A family is going on a Disneyland vacation. The grandparents wanted to get a taste of the history of Disneyland and the kids just wanted to go on thrill rides. What would I suggest the family do?" Matt and I both agreed that answering about the Lilly Belle at Disneyland would both put my own personal spin on the answer and let the interviewers know that I know my Disney! 

Even though I grew up going to Walt Disney World and worked as an entertainment cast member at Walt Disney World, my 2015 Disney Parks Moms Panel application was sent in as...a Disneyland Specialist. Say what? Well, you see. You can only apply to a specialty if you have visited within the past 12 months. Well, I have been to Disneyland 3 times recently and with Matt by my side, we decided I could definitely go for it. 

So now, almost a month later...I am still waiting, along with thousands of other hopeful moms & dads, if I have made it to Round 2 for the 2015 Disney Parks Moms Panel. I didn't realize how much it actually meant to me and how excited/nervous I was about it until last night when I went to check-in and see what the wait was all about and realized that there are literally really knowledgable moms and dads who want this so badly. Some of these hopefuls are on their 5th or 6th or 7th year of trying. Yikes :/

Matt doesn't think I'll get it my first year (which totally makes me want it more because I love proving people wrong when they think I can't do something). They only choose about 12 moms/dads for each year. I just need to make it to Round 2 so they can "meet" me. It's a video interview. I feel like I can let my personality and "Disney Side" shine then and hopefully they'll like me enough for Round 3 and make it as a Disney Parks Mom!

In case anyone hasn't noticed. I miss Disney. Like, really a lot. I do everything I can over here to feel closer to it from so, so far away. I have my Etsy shop. I have my Fairytale Journeys by Chelsea. We have our trip coming up...but I just really, REALLY, want to be a Disney Parks Mom. 

You get to go to Disney World for training and then spend a whole year on the panel answering questions that are sent in from families on the Disney Parks Moms Panel Blog. It really is a high honor (in the Disney world). 

I've been all over the message boards and it many thought we would hear about Round 2 today. 
Many also think we will hear on October 7th. 

So, I'll just wait and continue reading as much as I can to get ready for Round 2 just in case. 
Today a former Moms Panelist replied to a post of mine saying to not think I won't get it my first year because it's totally possible, he did! 

We'll see...I seriously feel like I'm covered in Pixie Dust lately. It's pouring out of me. I miss Disney so much...

And, the fact that Lilly Belle now requests, "Do You Want to Build A Snowman," at night while I'm nursing her by clicking her tongue like Anna...that seriously just melts me! It's in her blood & I'm so proud of that. I mean, WE are so proud of that! Our Disney girl ;) 

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