Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Annual Pig Luck 2014

I always enjoy going to the Pig Luck at my brother in law's parent's farm. It is such a beautiful farm and I like spending time with our family. It was even more fun this year to get to watch Lilly Belle experience meeting all the animals! She got to meet some cows, horses, a pony, baby chicks, and piglets. There was even a Reptile Show this year! I love watching her do new things and this day was no exception. 

Cousin Quenton & Lilly Belle are always so sweet to each other. He is always protecting her. I loved watching them interact during the reptile show. 


Mr. Q being brave with a very large tree frog on his arm.

Lilly thought it was pretty funny when Q man was up there.

Uncle Clint's Stepmom, Paulette, loved spending time with Lilly Belle. She doesn't get to see her that often so the last time she saw her was at Mel's graduation and she wasn't even crawling yet. Here they are checking out the piglets, which Lilly Belle fondly referred to as, "dog dogs". You can't blame her on that one, Cogsy does tend to resemble a pig... ;)

"What is dat??"

Nana loved seeing all the kids in one shot :)

"Hey guys, what are you eating? Why won't my mommy eat those??" (apples)

Just chillin' with Cousin Clare and acting way too old...

Our little gang.

Me and my mini :)

"Cheese!" We totally look alike in these next ones :) Only I think she's going to be lucky and get daddy's nice small teeth instead of my huge giant teeth lol.

Uncle Clint thought she might have a better view of the piggies from INSIDE the pen ;) Lilly Belle wasn't so sure! Ha, I just love this picture!!

So sweet :) She loves her Uncle Clint!

We got to meet Traveler. He was so amazing with the kids! Letting them feed him and pet him. So patient and kind with them.

Baby chicks! Lilly Belle was really concerned about the box being open and kept saying, "Close! Close! Close!" while trying to close all the flaps on the box. I don't blame her, they were kind of flapping around and although I knew they weren't going to get out, I think she was a little worried that they were going to escape. Sweet girl.

Daddy let us take the ferry home (which I love!). The views are beautiful and it was a nice day :) I really love the PNW!

I love these two with every ounce of my being...

We had a nice day together (once I ate, because apparently - according to Matt - I can't do things when I'm hungry...note taken). ;)

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