Saturday, September 13, 2014

My Best Friend's Wedding

I did not get nearly as many pictures as I wanted to but the day went by so quickly that I even forgot to video tape at the reception and that was what I wanted to give them as a gift :( boo.

One of my best friends, Micol, got married on September 6th and I got to be her Maid of Honor. It was the first time Lilly Belle had been to a wedding and Grandma & Grandpa Hampe took good care of her for the day while I was busy with my duties ;)

Lilly Belle with her Grandma & Grandpa Hampe (my parents) - she's looking unsure. She's never been away from me that long and she'd only met my parents 3 (my mom) & 2 (my dad) times before this and one of those was with my mom at 3 weeks old and then one of the times at 4 months old. So...she was a little nervous. As was I for her. But it all worked out just fine. 

Lilly Belle being smashed between 2 crazies! Me and my childhood BFF, Andrea.

Her dress! Micky picked it out :)

Being silly with Grandpa at dinner

Finally letting Auntie Jenna hold her! :) Another of my childhood and still to this day BFF's

The beautiful bride! Lilly was calling her, "Princess" ;)

Grand March :)

Ha! They had me cracking up!

So happy for these two!! These two were together for 7 years before this day...they are so in love!

LB playing with Auntie Micky's new nieces

...and dancing - of course ;)

Me pointing at her and I remember telling her, "You better not walk while Daddy isn't here!"

"Mom, chill. I know. I won't do it!"...and she didn't. She walked a few days after we got home. Good girl.

Fell asleep on me around 9pm and I danced for hours with her sleeping on me. It was fun to still get to spend time with my friends even with her. Thank goodness for the Ergo!

I soaked in every second of those snuggles!

BFFs since 6th grade & 3rd grade!

Smooches from Auntie Jenna - of course ;) Such a good Auntie!! 

Baby break for a dance with the bride. A little "Bridesmaids" re-enactment!

We are always laughing :)

Got Lilly Belle in her pjs after a diaper change and we made it until 11:38pm. Only left 22 min early. Pretty proud of my sweet girl for being such a trooper. Also...her Daddy and I are pretty pumped she can do that because it means we don't have to leave Disney early every night on our trip & that she can go into the nursery at night while we go dancing on the Disney Cruise LOL.

The year flew by leading up to their wedding!! I'm so happy for them and excited to see what the future holds for the two of them :) 

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