Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Changes, Goals, Family Updates :)

Now that Lilly Belle is one and we are feeling, "Kind of" settled and like we have things under control, we have been talking a lot lately about how we can can we make life even better for Lilly Belle, ourselves and each other. We are both registered to begin another quarter of school that will begin in a few weeks. We want to make sure that we continue to stay on top of things and stay on this path we are heading down together.

-Matt works out & showers every night before bed
-Dishes are in the dishwasher after dinner instead of late at night or the next morning
-I am going to wake up every morning at 5:30am to get myself ready for the day and take time for myself to have a cup of coffee, EAT (I never eat), listen to my music & get Lilly's breakfast and lunch ready for the day.
-I am going to shower at night so that Matt can leave earlier for work in the morning and come home earlier too then. Lilly only associates Matt with morning nap and bedtime right now and it hasn't been so nice for their relationship - lots of screaming for mommy and baby girl clinging to me. 
-No eating past 8pm
-Grocery shop together on the weekend so I don't have to go with Lilly so much and we can do more together... like park dates :)
-I'm going to go to bed between 10 & 11pm (depending on homework)

-Matt and I are both working toward our Bachelor degrees right now. Matt will graduate in 2 years & I am taking my time by taking just 2 classes to focus on my #1 job title...Mommy!
-We are working towards Matt working a full-time job instead of contract & for me to be able to just work 5 hours/week. Enough to get out and dance, but I need my time with my baby...won't get that back. (This goal & Matt graduating are #1 on our list right now)
-We are working towards buying our first home right now. Our goal is to start that process within the next far, so good. We are getting all the credit/savings in order right now and so far things are going really well and moving up! 
-We do want more babies...(I say babies, Matt says in one), but not anytime in the immediate future. There is lots to focus on right now and we like where our life is going with Lilly Belle. We also really love our life as a little family of 3. Again...for now ;) 

It feels good to write it out. I haven't blogged about anything like this in a while and I feel like when I write about it, it feels even more set. 

PS...Lilly Belle REALLY started walking yesterday. 10 steps! The stinker still won't do it on video, but she can most definitely walk. It's so funny to turn around and see her just standing there. Matt and I still can't stop laughing when we see her just standing in the middle of the room. I keep telling her to "stop it!" ;) She's still such a peanut so it's hilarious to watch her walk.

PSS...Took Lilly Belle to the doctor a few days ago for her way-too-long lasting diaper rash and that's almost gone now and huge exciting news...the Dr. said it was a mistake when they thought she was in the 11th percentile and so worried about her. She is actually in the 24th and 25th percentile for her height in weight. So, just a mistake, unless that changed over the past few weeks because I'm constantly feeding her in worry of her being too little... ;)

PSSS...Lilly Belle has been wearing her Mickey ears all around the house. Matt FREAKS out about it. Like when I thought it would be funny to put them on Cogsy and he nearly killed me. Lilly thought it was funny ;) She wakes up from nap and its the first thing she wants. Pointing at her ears, "Minn-ay! Minn-ay! Minn-ay!" (Her ears are most definitely Mickey but these days anything Disney...including the famous Disney font, is "Minn-ay!" to LB. She's so awesome :) I love her so much!


  1. I love your goals! We just implemented something similar...swapping mornings to go work out so we're not on staggering schedules and never get to spend any time together at night. It's hard because sometimes my husband works so late!

    That's awesome that they made a mistake with her height/weight! They did that to my son once when he was a little younger than she is.