Thursday, September 18, 2014

5:00am Because I'm Awesome.

Every morning, (now it will change because I'm writing about it), Lilly Belle sleeps all the way until 5am before waking up to nurse. 7pm-5am people. In this house,! 10 hours. Meaning if I went bed at 7pm (yeah right), I'd get 10 whole hours of sleep.

I wrote a few days ago about our new goals and I wanted to write about them again because they've already been so life changing and I've been so happy & less stressed. 

Every night at 9pm I take a shower. I actually have time to shave my legs now - who knew?! And now I'm a rebel and let my hair air dry. Sometimes...I don't even brush it. *gasp*

I try to get to sleep around 10pm, but that doesn't happen. I have been going to bed at 11pm with Matt.

5:00am (5:22am)
I wake up with Lilly Belle to nurse at 5am (today she let me sleep until 5:22am and those extra 22 minutes made me feel so alive-but really.) 

5:30am (usually)
I wake up in the glider realizing Lilly Belle is now am I. I put her back down in her crib and sneak out for my coffee. While my coffee is brewing I usually start to tidy up our kitchen if we didn't do it the night before. I don't do the dishes, I save those for Matt since it's "his job". Unless...I'm feeling like I want to be extra awesome, then I'll do them for him.

Wake up call. 
My sister-in-law, Megan, and I have been trying something new this week and I-love-it! I call her, or she will call me, at 5:45am to make sure the other one is awake. It really does help so much just to say good morning to her that early in the morning and wake up that way. We don't like have a 5:45am conversation or anything, because who wants to do that? We just say good morning do a little "how are you?", say have a good day and then get our mommy "me-time" before our kids wake up. It feels like the day has begun and there is no way I could go back to sleep after that. I know she is probably loving it, too. I drink my coffee, do my make up & hair, read blogs, work on my Etsy and catch up on emails/invoices for work if I need to. I also clean if I hadn't the night before (like last night Matt was sick so we did nothing but watch like 4 episodes of Million Dollar Listing LA & Beachfront Bargain Hunt) we're awesome. 

Little Peanut starts stirring. This is my "get your shit together quick" warning. If I haven't gotten to my make up, hair and getting dressed yet, this is when I get off the computer and do that.
She happily plays in her crib, singing and playing with her new breathable bumper (because we may or may not have had to almost call 911 the other night due to her chubby thigh legit being stuck...Matt may or may not have panicked when he went in and I may or may not have screamed to him "GRAB THE VASELINE" when I could no longer remain calm...which I did -remain calm- and got that little chubby thigh out - without injury). OH wow, I am the queen of tangents. 

Ok - 6:30am (again)
Lilly Belle stirs. I "get shit done". 

I go in and get her. Unless she starts to cry sooner, then she gets to snuggle in bed with Matt.
Read: Lilly Belle crawling all over the bed while Matt does everything in his power to not let her play flying squirrel off the edge.

We all go out into the kitchen together and sit at the table to eat breakfast together while listening to Subsonic Radio. I love this time of the day mostest. Yes, mostest. 

Matt leaves for work and Lilly Belle goes down for her 1st nap of the day. When I clean up breakfast and then usually go on Pinterest or something ;)
Unless we have Kids Club, in which she usually skips that first nap & I'm at work...

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  1. LOVE the wake-up call idea. I have the hardest time getting up in the morning but would definitely be able to do that if I was accountable to someone else.