Friday, July 13, 2012

Friends & Wineries

{::::This post was written last week::::}

Yesterday I had a blast with my friends Katie & Ashley. 
We spent the whole day in Woodinville going to wineries and out to lunch.

We started the day off at the Mark Ryan Winery. We chose it because the sign was pretty :)
For just $10.00 we got to try 5 different wines. The last one we tried was from a $52.00 bottle of wine, was the only one I didn't like. Figures. I love white wines and very few red wines. They're growing on me though. Each time I drink it, I like it a little bit more.

After the Mark Ryan Winery I was feeling a little too happy (I'm a super lightweight) so we decided it was a good time to get lunch. We went to one of my favorite restaurants, "Purple". My lunch was delicious! Tomato soup and a BLTA. Mmmmmmm!!

We went to one more winery and it was my favorite of the two. I loved the wine and I can't wait to take Matt. I called my mom and told her the next time she's here we have to go to Woodinville so I can take her. I ended up buying some wine there for Mel's shower next weekend. Yum!
It's called Isenhower Cellars. My favorite is "Yakima Valley Pink Paintbrush Cabernet Franc Rose". Ashley bought some too. We loved it! I bought two bottles :)

Left to Right: Avery, Ashley, Katie, Me

It was so much fun. I'd never been wine tasting before. This was just my second time hanging out with Ashley and the three of us just had a blast..oh and Avery also had a blast ; ) She kept reaching for our wines the whole day, it was funny.

Here are the links to the two wineries we visited,
Isenhower Cellars

Mark Ryan

I am so ready to host Mel's Bridal Shower next weekend now. I went out yesterday and today and got almost everything I needed. Katie helped me with the wines and cheeses and I got all those yesterday. Today I got the favors (love), wine glasses, wine stoppers, a pourer so I can pour everyone the wine and tell them about them, ah...just so much fun stuff! I can't wait, I hope Mel loves it :)

I can't wait to plan my next day to Woodinville. Matt said he would go with me :) I'm excited that I have found something new that I love. It's so much fun to explore this area. Now I want to plan a trip to Napa Valley and go wine tasting there!! How awesome would that be?!

This weekend's plans (July 14 & 15)
*My team kids are performing at the Pickering Barn tomorrow and then I'm going to finish up all the crafty stuff for Mel's Shower and make any of the food that I can
*Mel's Shower is on Sunday and I am so excited!


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