Sunday, July 29, 2012

Weekend Fun

This week flew by.
I cannot believe that we are already in the last days of July...
We have a lot of exciting things happening around here and are focusing on the studio and getting ready for our Alaskan Disney Cruise in just 35 days! 

We had a fun camp this past week, "Dancing Around the World Camp". I taught the girls Country Line Dancing, Bollywood and African dancing. We also had a girl come in and teach the kids Hula! I am really looking forward to this week's camp because I have a lot older kids, 9-12 year olds. Big change from my usual 5-8 age group I have each week. I'm hoping I'll get a chance to get caught up with a lot this week and that I'll gain some energy back. I've been exhausted and falling asleep between 9 & 9:30 every week night. Yuck. 

This was a really fun weekend.
Friday night we went over to Matt's parent's to watch the opening ceremonies for the Olympics. I was way too tired to be doing anything and fell asleep on the couch. I was super crabby too because I was just exhausted from camp. Friday nights haven't been good for me this summer. 
Yesterday we spent the entire day with Chris & Katie 11am-11pm. 
We went to the Issaquah Farmer's Market, had lunch at Costco, roamed around Renton River Days, enjoyed Cocktail Hour at Katie's parents with some of their friends and then headed back to Chris & Katie's for dinner and hanging out. I loved yesterday so much! I wish we could do that more often :)
Today, Matt and I had a fun chill morning and then did some browsing in Bellevue. We had lunch together at one of our favorite restaurants, Mod Pizza. After, we headed over to Bellevue Square and found that they were having the Bellevue Arts Fair. We walked around at the mall for a long time because we like doing that but we did not like the Art Fair so we didn't stay long. It was kind of boring. Now we've just been chillaxin' at home and I'm loving it. 

{Renton River Days 2012}

{Blow-Up Cadet Ken...I would be terrified if I had to be a Disney character like that! Yikes!! I had to get my picture with him lol}

We're making yummy shrimp stir-fry for dinner and then watching the Olympics together and I can't wait! I started pulling outfits out for the cruise...I know it's early but Matt wants me to try to start focusing my energy and time on things that are present. That's as present as I'm going to get today so I started pinning and packing :) Matt's not any better...he's been reading cruise stuff alllllllll day. I've also been on a mad cleaning spree around her lately, I'm going to get back to that now.
I haven't blogged or updated my FB status in a busy.
September can't get here fast enough. Studio classes start, Disney Cruise, all new locations start, Whistler and we will finally be able to breath financially. 

Just 35 more days........... 


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