Friday, July 6, 2012

Studio Progress:: It's Clean! / Thankful Thursday

Matt has helped me so incredibly much this week and I am so so thankful.
We watched Avery on Monday and instead of waking me up to go with him at 6am to get her, I woke up at 8:30 to find he was already back and had went alone to let me sleep. He found an amazing solution to make our website so much more professional, clean and organized and has been working on it like crazy this week. He came up with a great solution to keeping my files organized and for me to be able to share them between my laptop and iMac and to share them with Matt. He organized and moved furniture today at the studio and found the perfect solution for our floor cleaning dilemma. He even came to practice with me tonight and worked on summer camp things for me. Tonight he stayed at the studio with me until 10pm helping clean the floor and we chose the paint colors that we'll be painting in there tomorrow. 
I am so thankful for his help. Best husband ever. 

On that note, the studio is now 1/2 way clean. It is definitely empty except for our office area. 
Matt came up with some great ideas on how I should have our office area organized and set-up. He's way better at that than I am. I did have a vision in mind of how I wanted it to be, and being that I've been dreaming of this since I was 8 the vision was pretty set...but finally today I gave in and got rid of those cubicle walls so I now have an open office. An open office that must stay clean. An open office that the kids and parents can just waltz (literally) right into. I'm going to do my best to try to work with it for now and Matt agreed that if it drives me nuts after a while we can look into buying some divider walls (we found the ones they have in the Microsoft buildings that I want). 

I cannot believe it is already July 6th. 
Time is flying.
Things are all working out.
Money is just flying out the window with this studio and I have no idea how it's all working out. One day we need signs, the next mirrors, now barres and found out yesterday that there is no way in hell that I can dance on this fake laminate floor that's just layer over concrete (hurts so bad)...we need a dance floor. Yet, everything is getting paid on time. I am praying so so hard that this continues. I have yet to feel overwhelmed by that part of it (for too long at a time). Every time I feel overwhelmed I go back to my books only to realize we're just fine. We have been getting a few kids registering each day for Fall. My goal is that by September we have 100 kids at the studio aside from the team kids. We'll see...we are at 36 right now. 

It's 1:15am, I should not be up blogging but I just stopped working for the night and wanted some "me" time. Writing helps me sleep. Usually I write in my journal but I don't want to turn the light on because Matt's out. 

Favorite moment from the day:
I was scrubbing away at the floors (again, only this time I got half the place done in an hour and a half)...and I caught Matt just leaning up against the counter staring at me. Of course my reaction was, "Matt, c'mon...I cannot be here scrubbing and see you just standing there.." He said, "I just want to take this all in, I'm taking mental pictures. I'm really proud of you and want to remember this. Its awesome to see you here working for what you've always wanted." It made me tear up. I still have not had that moment at the studio of "whoa!..this is mine." 
I feel so lucky to have Matt. I told him the other day that it's hard because this is the one thing in my life that I've always pictured just doing alone. I never imagined that I'd have a husband that would be such a part of it like he is. I'm really thankful for that. I'm having a bit of a hard time sharing this one, but each day I get better at it and Matt gets better at offering suggestions in a way he knows I'll take to easily instead of getting offended that my dream is not always the right way to do everything. 


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