Friday, May 10, 2013

26 Weeks

How Far Along?  26 weeks!

How Big is Baby? She's about 15 inches long and around 2.2 lbs (based on my app).

Total Weight Gain:  Probably 18-19 lbs. now. 

Maternity Clothes? Everyday.

Stretch Marks? Not yet...still lucky here.

Sleep: Could be better. Its hit or miss. 

Best Moment this Week:  The weather, getting her dresser and getting our new car!

Miss Anything: Not really :)

Movement:  She moves constantly. She's kicking me and rolling all around right now actually. I'm starting to really love it so much. Every morning Matt puts his hand on my tummy first thing when he wakes up and she kicks him right away like, "Hey, Daddy!!" She loves him so much already. He talks to her enough that I know she definitely knows who he is. 

Food Cravings:  Still loving my smoothies. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope, thank goodness.

Gender: Baby Lillian Belle 

Symptoms: Restless Leg Syndrome (ow & annoying!)

Looking Forward to: My first baby shower is in just 9 days! I get to go to WI to see my family and friends and I am so excited. I arrive on Thursday afternoon and am staying until Sunday evening with my shower on Saturday. It will be really nice to hang out with my friends and family. I'm going to miss Matt though. He said it's going to be even harder for him when I'm gone now because I'll have Lilly with me and he'll miss us. I'm going to have my mom take my picture for 27 weeks by the barn behind my house that I grew up in. We'll have to be sneaky ; ) 

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