Thursday, May 9, 2013

My Mommy-Mobile!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming (26 week bump-date) to share this message...

I bought a car.

I am now the proud owner of a 2013 Ford Escape. 
The whole process was the easiest thing I've ever done. No really, I barely had to do anything and only spent a total of two hours at the dealership. 

Matt and I knew we had enough saved to feel ready to go in to the dealership and try to get a car. 
We never thought in a million years that it would actually happen. We are unfortunately never able to have things just work out for us. Until now. I called yesterday morning just to see if they had the one I wanted available and then proceeded to tell the girl how much I could put as a down payment, what my credit score is and how much I make. I asked her, "Do you think it would be possible for me to get a car?" She said, "For sure! Let's get your paperwork started over the phone." (I was in between my 2 year olds and my 3 year olds class...I had just 10 minutes to talk) That's all we needed. I was maybe on the phone for 5 minutes with her. 

About 45 minutes later, when my class was over, she told me that it looked like they were going to be able to work with me and to send her some legal documents she needed. Being a business owner, they needed more from me than usual. I had THE busiest day with work so in between all my classes and choreographing like a mad woman yesterday, I had our bank fax over some information and Matt did some scanning for me. I really did nothing. (Except work my ass off the past 3 years to earn this car...) 

So we got her everything and now by this time it's about 2:30pm, I was on my way to teach yet another class. She called and said her boss wanted to ask me some tax questions (ew.) I talked to him, everything was perfect (what?!) and he said he had a deal for us. I told him how much was the most I would be willing to pay for our monthly payment and boom! he said he thought he could make it happen.

At this point, I was thinking, "ha, yeah right." I went to teach my class of preschoolers some hip hop moves and then headed to the studio for my night of classes from 4-7pm. Around 6:30pm I checked my phone to see I had 15 text messages (YIKES). One of them was from our sales girl. It read, "We made an amazing deal with the bank and got you the deal! The 2013 white Ford Escape SE!" 

I started jumping all around. It was the first time the whole day I even let myself get remotely excited. Or the first time I actually had time to even think about it. My kids thought I was crazy (what's new?) 
I called Matt on my way home (7:15pm) to tell him that right when we were done eating I wanted to go take a peek at the car. Just walk around the lot. Not talk to anyone or anything, it would be too late, but just go to see it in person. We had only saw it online at this point. 

So 8:00pm rolls around and we headed to the dealership.
We got there and one of the guys who had been working on our deal (noticed me as "hey are you the girl who's pregnant wanting the ford escape before your baby is born?") Yeah...that would be me. He told us that they had about 5 people at the dealership trying to help us all day and that they seriously did get the deal! (I still didn't think it was legit...too good to be true). But, we sat there and started signing some papers. I asked him our monthly payment and it turned out to be just what I asked for. (Amazing!) My interest rate was like 5% lower than I thought it was going to be. (Holy cow!) I knew my credit score has gone up a lot as I've been working really hard on that, but WHOA! So...we went in another room with another guy and I did it...I signed those papers and became the owner of our 2013 Ford Escape SE! I asked then finally..."Um, can we go look at the car, I've actually never seen it in the lot yet..." Ha! He let me sit in it and everything (it was now 9:30pm---nicest guy ever). 

We left knowing we had to come back today with my license (had to get a new one at the DMV today because of our car getting broken into this past weekend), proof of insurance & our down payment.

All day today I have been waiting for something to go wrong.
Nothing did.
I got my license at the DMV in 6 minutes. No seriously. Walked in...6 minutes later, had my new license in my hand driving back to town. What?! Luckiest day of my life.
Went to the bank, got the money out of savings...headed to the dealer and gave them everything.

Then I went and taught 3 more classes.

At 7:00pm tonight, Matt and I went to the dealer, me still expecting to not be driving the car home (even though I already signed all the papers), and it happened...she handed me the key and I drove it home. (Well actually drove to Matador in Redmond for a celebratory dinner with Matt--curtesy of one of my dance families giving me a Passport card) : ) 

It is the best feeling knowing I worked so hard and it finally paid off. 
Lilly Belle will come home from the hospital in this car and it feels so so good knowing how safe it is for her. Tonight I let Matt drive it home from the restaurant and I kept imagining she was in the car with us in her carseat all snug and sleeping. 

I am so so happy right now! 

*Now to go to bed and try not to be scared for all my blood tests tomorrow morning...3 hours of blood tests and drinking nasty stuff does not sound appealing...*

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