Friday, April 29, 2016

Budget Friendly Healthy Meal Planning - Week 1

Here it is, our weekly grocery list and this week's dinner meal plan! Lilly Belle and I took an afternoon to do some major grocery shopping. We hit up Aldi and Publix. We are both not huge fans of grocery shopping, so it made for an interesting afternoon, but I'm feeling so great about how much money we saved!

I'm not even going to attempt to make this blog a food blog so here are the amazing recipes I chose from Pinterest and links to all of them.


Saturday - Zucchini Pizza Boats 

Sunday - Enchilada Orzo

Monday - Ratatouille

For just $116 I was able to get all the ingredients I needed for these dinner recipes, plus food for breakfast, lunches, and snacks. I bought fruits and veggies. And even some Smart Water and chocolate milk for myself! I didn't buy the meat from Aldi, and couldn't all the ingredients I needed there so that's why we also went to Publix. The Publix trip really is what brought us over $100. There were way too many things in there that tempted me. I had already bought everything we needed and then bought some more fruit, the chocolate milk and waters.

This budgeting madness has got me so excited! I've decided to do weekly budget updates instead of monthly - it will help me stay on track a lot more!

Stay tuned...

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