Friday, September 14, 2012

Alaskan Disney Cruise AKA Best Vacation Ever::Day 1

I don't even know how to start this post...
Matt and I have almost been home for a week now from the best vacation either of us have ever been on our entire lives. That is saying a lot because we have both been on some pretty incredible Disney vacations growing up. Matt told me on the last day that it was his favorite of all time, I love that I got to share that with him. 

Our Alaskan Disney Cruise....
started on September 3, 2012 in Seattle, WA. 
We woke up and it still hadn't hit me yet. 
It didn't hit me until we pulled up and could see the ship right in front of us.
Oh man, it still feels like yesterday and I miss it so much. 
I've been having a hard time since we've been back. Leaving Disney is never easy for me, even when I was little. I wish we could go back tomorrow. I'm so thankful that we get to go to Disneyland in just a little over a month.

We arrived and the first thing we saw, other than the ship, was this woman...with her Mickey hand. That's when we knew...we felt right back at home.

Then it was time to board.

I do not have the video ready yet (I am going to create a whole iMovie), but when you take your first steps onto the ship, the cast members ask you your name and then announce you on a microphone with an aisle of other cast members clapping for you as you board. Ex: "Please welcome the Lanese Family!" So we are getting ready to turn the corner to see the inside of the ship for the first time and I started video taping because we knew this was happening due to our research before the cruise and a guy asks our family name...I look up and that same second realize he is one of my good friends from Disney World. We were in the Christmas Parade together. I immediately freaked out, basically attacked him, cried, and then...told him our family name. He was my friend in FL when I first met Matt. He heard lots of my fun stories in the beginning of our dating time in 2008 :) Matt and I went to IHop with him and hung out with him and my friends a few times, so it was neat that Matt knows him too! was an amazing way to start the cruise. I had a moment of tears, happy/sad, then it was time to start exploring! 

We have lots of Little Mermaid pictures from this trip because that's my all-time favorite movie :) I got to meet her and I felt like a little kid again. I've never met her in her human blue/green dress and I was so excited.

We got on the ship pretty early, so we had lots of time to wander around before we were even allowed in our room. So...we headed to our first buffet! (Just a side note...Matt and I both returned home having lost 2 lbs this is possible, I do not know because we ate... A LOT)

We hope to buy this one day. For now, a picture with it will do :)

This area is called "Route 66" and we hung out here quite a bit. They have bands in a room here, comedians, etc. There are also 2 lounges that are adults only after 9pm. 

The nicest bathrooms were also over here :) I spent lots of time chillin' in these little seats waiting for Matt lol.

Seattle & Mt. Rainier

Adventures Away Party! We were actually the very first people there and had the front row for the show. After the show everyone was just dancing so we went to the top deck to see the action from above and watch us pull away from the city.

Goodbye, Seattle!

Matt has more pictures from Day 1 on his camera. We had our first dinner at Triton's. Our table mates were absolutely amazing. I miss them all so so much already. I was looking at pictures today and was so sad. We are all now Facebook friends. There were 3 other couples that we became besties with. We didn't just hang out at dinner, we did lots of things together, on and off the ship. *sigh* ... I can't even explain how awesome it was. 

I'll write more later. We're going to watch Tangled now :) My 2nd favorite. I'm obsessed. 
We watched it on the Funnel Vision (theater screen outside by the pool) on Day 2 and Matt has the coolest picture of me all bundled up chillin' and watching it :) 

To be continued.....Flynn's talking now ; ) 

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