Friday, September 14, 2012

Mel & Clint's Wedding!

This already seems like forever ago, but on September 2nd, Mel & Clint got married!! Yay for having a new brother. He's already been our big brother but it felt pretty cool seeing him today knowing that, "Ok, this really is our whole family now." Well...until we all start popping out babies. :) 
Mel & Clint are now married and got to honeymoon in St. Thomas! I can't wait to see all of their pictures and hear about what they did.

We had so much fun celebrating at their wedding. 
It was also our first anniversary and it was such a special day. We had a blast! September 2nd is a pretty special day in our family now :) 

We just got back from our Disney Cruise on Monday (which already feels like yesterday) and I'm just now getting a chance to sit down and write about this. 
 I have tons of pictures and stories to share about our cruise as well, but I'm just going to blog about one special day at a time. We leave for Whistler in 6 days and I'm hoping to have everything all up to date on this blog before we leave for that vacation ; )

Mel & Clint's wedding weekend began on Saturday, September 1st. Really it started the week before. I got to help Mel & Marie do wedding stuff, we went tanning and got our nails done together. It was so much fun! I loved every second of it. 
Their rehearsal brunch was over at Clint's parent's house and it was beautiful. They own a farm and bed & breakfast called Raspberry Ridge. Clint's stepmom had everything so beautifully laid out and the food was yummy :) They hired friends to help out and they all had cute matching aprons. Very fun. 

After the rehearsal and brunch, Matt went with his Dad to get stuff from the condo to bring to Seattle at the hotel and I went with Mel and her friends to Red Robin for dinner :) 
Matt and I spent the night back at our place because we still hadn't taken Cogsy to the doggy hotel.

On the morning of September 2nd, which was also our First Anniversary, Matt and I went to breakfast at Etta's which is a super nice restaurant in Seattle by the market. We had yummy food with fresh squeezed orange juice. We had fun dreaming about what our Disney Cruise would be like the next day and just had fun together.

Then it was game time ; ) We headed back to the hotel so I could be with Mel, Mom & all the bridesmaids. We all had silk robes that matched our dresses and got to get our hair done. Megan and I also had fun doing our makeup together :) We watched Bridesmaids and sipped Mimosas. Yum, Yum!

I love this picture :)

Tada :) 

Mel looked so beautiful! Matt and I agree that our favorite moment that day was seeing her walk down the stairs by herself to meet her parents at the bottom. 
(I was having a hard time not bawling my eyeballs out).

Matt looked super handsome!

I want to frame this one :) We had a great 1st Anniversary

Marie's Shoes, Mel's Shoes, My Shoes :)

Chillin' before the ceremony


Already downed 2 glasses of wine at this point ; )

Nice photo bomb, Chris.

Mel and Clint called us up to say Happy Anniversary and gave us our wedding cupcakes :) So so special!

The cupcakes we had at our wedding so we could eat them on our 1st Anniversary, very cool :)

We never had any at our wedding, boy were we missing out! YUM! I also had Mel & Clint's cake lol. Carrot...Mmmmm!!!! 

I love this one.

The Bride & Groom getting their groove on!

We had SO much fun!

And just like he did at our wedding...Lance danced with us too :)

It was a fabulous day from the time we woke up until the time we fell asleep!
We got to stay in a suite at the hotel and had water views. Thank you, Lance & Marie :) 

Amazing day!!! September 2nd is on a roll for amazing days ; )

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