Saturday, September 29, 2012

Whistler Family Vacation 2012 - Part 2

Sunday was another fun day with the whole family. All 11 of us! 

We took the gondola back up and everyone went on Peak to Peak again. Matt and I stayed back and chilled on the mountain because we thought they were doing glass bottom. They ended up doing the regular one, but we had a nice time chillin' on top :)


After we got back down, we had a family lunch at Longhorn which is at the base. 
Then we walked around the shops a little bit with everyone before Chris & Megan headed out.
Mel & Clint stayed one more night and we played games until like 1:30am. We played Mexican Train, Bullshit & we had an epic game of Uno that was never ending. I was falling asleep in my chair. It was fun though :) 

Then Monday morning Mel & Clint left before we even woke up and it was just the four of us left for the week. 

We ate here a few times. Everything was $4.95. Everthing. Yum. 

Monday morning Marie and I worked for a while until like 1:00pm and then we took a walk together. I think that this is the night we went to the movies too. We went to see "Trouble with the Curve". It was pretty cute. 

On Tuesday we went to Pemberton and ate at the yummiest little cafe for lunch called The Pony. We had  to take a picture here since Matt loves trains so much.

After lunch we hiked up to Nairn Falls. It was such a beautiful hike! The water was an amazing color and the falls were awesome. So curvy and weird. I loved it. 

We found a little path to walk down to the water. I just had to take my shoes off and step in. The water was so clear and it was just calling my name. It. Was. Freezing! Brrrrr!!! We found cool egg looking rocks though :) And got cool pictures.

On Wednesday, Marie and I went to the Scandinave Spa. *sigh* I could live there. We had massages and then went in all the mineral baths which are like pool sized hot tubs (theres a cold one too) and then read while chillin' in hammocks looking out at the mountains for a while. So amazing! 

I am getting my days mixed up now, but this was on our walk to Lost Lake.

This was on our way home :(

I love being married to my best friend :) It's like a sleepover party everyday...only better :) 

That was our amazing trip. Such a relaxing and fun week. I can't wait to go back again!


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