Saturday, September 29, 2012

Whistler Family Vacation 2012 - Part 1

We just returned yesterday from another week-long vacation, this time to another beautiful place...Whistler, B.C. 
We drove up on Friday, September 21st with Matt's Mom & Dad. Chris, Megan and the kids followed. We took our time getting up there and made our first real stop in Vancouver, B.C at Go Fish. This was the yummiest fish and chips we have ever had. Mom & Dad (Matt's parents...I am not writing Mother in Law/Father in Law out anymore...sounds yucky and detached and they are not yucky and detached) had been talking this place up for a long time now and we were not let down. Yum Yum!

Our next pit stop was to take a small little hike/walk to see Shannon Falls. It was beautiful.

Third stop...Wendy's. In our family, it is "The" Wendy's. Matt and Chris once had an epic fight you can see...things are better now :) 

We've arrived...let Nana out! hehe, I love this one :) 

Cows Ice Cream, YUM!! 

Mom & Dad Lanese's condo is right in the village :) Pretty dang cool! 

******Realizing there are going to be a bajillion pictures, it was just so much fun!*******

On the gondola headed up to Peak to Peak. 

Super brave...we did it! We went on Peak to Peak. Even though for years we said we would NEVER go on it. We surprised ourselves a lot this weekend.

Feeling just a little nervous dangling 6,000 feet above ground between 2 mountain peaks...

See in the background...yeah, those would be clouds!

Jamaican Bobsled Team...Cool Runnings! ; )

Then later, that same brave, brave day...we went zip lining! 

Marie bought us frame magnets for our fridges that say "The Wild Bunch". Yes..we are! : )

View from the top of one of our zips. SO awesome.

Celebratory shots for all of our bravery! 

Later that night, us siblings went out to dinner and Nana and Papa babysat the kiddos because it was Clint's 30th Birthday! 

Then we headed to the Irish Pub for drinks. I had a few too many and Mom was cracking up when we got back and walked in. Then Matt, Megan, Chris & I were being silly for a while before going to bed. Clare was still awake (it was like midnight) and it was pretty funny. Ha..I just loved that day so so much! Definitely a favorite Lanese Family memory. I can't wait for a million more days like that!

Fun sibling time!

The Newlyweds :) 

I love this picture of them :) 

I'm going to continue this post on another page..I don't want these to get too long that they don't download well. I still need to finish uploading all of our Alaska Cruise photos as well. Matt's watching the Cal game and I just got done teaching. I have a bunch more work to do this weekend but I really want to get all caught up here.


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