Saturday, September 15, 2012

Alaskan Disney Cruise: Day 2

Day 2 was our first day at sea. It was pretty foggy all during the morning and afternoon so you could just see right outside the windows. We never got sea sick on our trip and we were very thankful for that. One of our table mate couples both got super sick and had to chill in their room. They had a veranda thankfully. 

Matt has a lot of pictures from this day on his camera so I'll have to do separate posts with those later :)

Every morning we had breakfast out on the back of the boat. It was amazing to just be sitting out there eating super yummy food and looking out at the ocean. Like I said in my post last night...we ate a LOT. 
Check out these yummy plates!

We ate way too much bacon, it was a running joke with our table mates how much bacon Matt and I had everyday, specifically Matt lol.

Krispy Kreme donuts! No joke.

Then we grabbed some blankets and I wrote in our Disney journal. We have a Disney journal that we write on when we go on Disney trips. One day I will have our kids write in it each night when we get back to our hotel too. It will be so much fun to read it one day :)

This is the adult only area. It is a-mazing. So quiet and relaxing. Everyone respects the rule so much. We never saw a kid in that area once. You can't even hear them either. The Funnel Vision is right next to it but you can't hear that either. It's awesome. My favorite cafe is right there with THE best chai I've ever had...that's saying a lot. 

Parrot Cay is a fun Caribbean themed restaurant. 

This was the first of our three trivia games we played. (see my chai!) Disney Tunes Trivia. We thought we were going to nail it but we got Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty songs mixed up. We are going to practice before our 2013 cruise!

Getting ready for fancy night :)....Formal Night.

It was like Thanksgiving dinner for me :) 

Matt had steak almost every night!

We went to the club that night to listen to a fun band.

The club is called Wave Bands.

Robyn and I. It was 70's night so he has an afro on :)

Tangled on Funnel Vision! Love!!

And again...I'm ready to go back now, but's time to go teach.

To be Continued....

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