Monday, November 12, 2012

Disneyland 2012:: Favorite Moments Part #2

We have been home for almost a week now and I'm still not done blogging about Disneyland. I'm really sucking at blogging lately. I want to get back into it. For some reason I am just not feeling like writing lately. 

Our trip to Disneyland was great. It was definitely not my favorite trip we've had to Disney because I was working a lot of the time, but it was still super fun when we did have time alone :) 

We got to go to two very special dinners while we were there. One being to Club 33 (photos on Matt's phone) with one of my team kids and her mom, and the other being dinner at Carthay Circle with two of our friends we met on the cruise (Yay, Table #26!). 

Linzie & I reunited!! :) Cruise Friends Forever. We had time to hang out before going to dinner. Ruby met up with us later too, again, those are all on Matt's phone. 

Carthay Circle. So beautiful (so expensive). We spent $135.00 on dinner. We have never done that before, but it was my way of patting myself on the back for how hard I've worked the past week (6 months) (2 years)....whatever, it was delicious! Linzie and Ruby also told our waitress it was my birthday (caught me off guard LOL and I almost blew it because I can't lie) so I ordered dessert and then got another as well. I ate most of both LOL. 

We said our TTFN's to Linzie and Ruby and then had a "Date Night at Disneyland", well actually DCA. (I like that song though so we'll go with that).

This is still one of my favorite memories from our trip. We did so many incredible things yet, this moment stands out in my mind. Matt's too. Things have been tough lately. Not financially or anything like that. I've just been working a lot, a lot, a lot and never really just stop and relax. We were bickering a lot because of that. This was the first time the whole trip that we were just alone, just the two of us together. Usually on a ride like "Luigi's Flying Tires" we would fight. You have to lean to make it go a certain way. We both imagined it going a bit like this, "Lean right! NO! Lean left! UGH!".....well, it was completely different. Not to be extremely cheesy or anything, but the lights remind me of our wedding and once we got in line, I was all about loving Matt :) We were laughing, kissing and just having fun together. Once we got on the ride, we worked together and just laughed a lot. I remember holding hands when we got off and walked to World of Color. I loved it so so so much. 

CarsLand at night is absolutely stunning.

We had reserved seating for World of Color because we ordered an appetizer and dessert at dinner. There were probably only 5 other couples around us and we had a great view. Two songs from our wedding are in World of Color so it was especially romantic :)

Us being awesome on Space Mountain. It was actually changed back to Space Mountain from Ghost Galaxy in this photo but they hadn't changed the photos yet, silly Disneyland.

The train ; ) I was hoping for some extra special pictures with this train this trip, but unfortunately those were not needed as I thought they would be. Maybe next time. 

Attempting sad faces as this was our last ride of the trip. HA, it's hard to hold a face when the wind is blowing at you and your going fast lol. This picture makes me crack up. 
(I'm drinking wine as I write this though, so that could have something to do with why I currently think it's so funny....)

I posted most of our photos to Facebook so I'm not going to put them all here as well. 
I'm going to start writing our Disney Tips post soon :) 

Matt's making dinner, I'm drinking my new favorite wine and we're going to watch "Prometheus". Matt got to pick ; ) Tomorrow it gets to be my pick so we're going to be renting "What to Expect When You're Expecting" again (for the 3rd time)...he should just buy it for me ; ) 


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