Sunday, November 18, 2012

I Love Christmas!

We had a super chill weekend.
I've been doing all I can lately to make every single day a "chill" one. 
So far, so good.
Friday got a little too chill which made me super depressed feeling. Yuck-O. 

Yesterday we stayed home and I Christmas shopped online, created and purchased our Christmas Cards and finished the 1,000 piece puzzle of Cinderella's Castle that I bought in Disneyland. It took me a week and a half to finish and I worked on that bad boy for hours! See, super chill over here in the Lanese home. I love our Christmas cards this year, it has pictures from all 5 of our trips this year and a picture of us on our 1st Anniversary. One of those trip pics may actually not be of us but of Cogsy....  

I used MyPublisher for our cards. 
Last night I also enjoyed eating TJ's Peanut Butter Cup ice cream out of the carton while drinking my favorite wine...*sigh* My sister-in-law, Mel, let me know about a get deal Living Social was having and I purchased my favorite wedding photo as a 20X30 canvas. We're doing some rearranging and our photo gallery wall will no longer be existing as it does now. I am going to move 6 of the photos to our room to put above our dresser and I'm using the frames somewhere else. 

Today we went to Toys R Us (and maybe Babies R Us too because how can you just go to the one half??? I mean really?) We are on a mission to get my little brother (who is 9) the coolest Christmas present of all time. Leading right now is either...
1. Skylanders Giants Starter Pack

2. Nerf Laser Tag (like legit laser tag)

3. A bucket full of Lego pieces from the Lego store

I'm voting for #1, but Matt says no so far. We'll see...
I love Christmas shopping!!
We got my little sister, Cirrah, Dance Central 3 for the Kinect because lately she has been a dancing machine! Makes her Sissy proud ; ) 

Both of our parents presents have been bought. Obvs can't write about it on here...they'll read. Can't wait to give them to them. 
We got Avery the cutest most fun Tigger toy that raps lol. 

I just love Christmas this year. Just 4 more days until we get our tree and have our decorating day! We have to buy a fake one this year because we are going to WI and we won't be able to water it while we're gone. 

I know what I'm getting Matt this year even though I have told him at least 40 times that there is no way in hell I'd ever buy it for him. Hehe. He never asked for it, but looks at it online every 2 seconds lately. He'll be a happy man this year. He always makes sure that I have a good Christmas and the last two years I haven't been able to get him anything he really wants. That's my favorite part of Christmas, showing the people who you love that you know them and care about what they love too. 

Tonight we're watching Elf because I can't wait any longer. It cracks me up! 

I had fun making my Christmas list for Matt this year. Thank you, Pinterest! 
This is what I want most this year.

Lace from my wedding dress in a necklace. Then I can wear my wedding dress every single day :) 
You can find them HERE.

I can't believe Thanksgiving is just 3 days away! Crazy!!!
Hope everyone had a great weekend :)


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