Thursday, November 29, 2012

New House...(Apartment) Rule

Today was an extremely accomplishing day. 
I taught a class this morning and then headed straight to the studio (after stops at the PO Box & Bank).
I interviewed a new instructor and the cleaners were scrubbing away for about 3 hours this afternoon.
The entire day, I worked. 
I answered got so much done and it felt so good. I love going to the studio when theres no dance and just working. I like that part of it, I love it actually. I just wish I had more time for it so I could be as organized as I want to be. Beginning in January, I'll only teach for 12 hours/week so that leaves lots of office time! I'm so excited about that!!

Anyways...the reason for this post. Our new house apartment rule.
When I get home from dance, what we usually do is have the tv on, eat dinner (in front of the tv) AND I'll have my laptop in front of me where I switch (while eating dinner) from working to Pinterest to Blogger to working get it. While I'm doing this, Matt is laying on the couch playing on his iPad. Remember...the tv is also on during all of this. Ew! Seriously it pisses me off how lazy that is. What a waste of our lives! I mean really. We'll be sitting there losing hours together. 

Now, we have a new rule and we decided on it together and are excited about it. 
I will only spend 1 hour PER DAY on Pinterest, Blogs, internet randomness/TV combined. Matt (while I'm home) will do the same. 
When we eat dinner, we will eat dinner. Everything else will be put away. The tv can be on, but I need to be shoving pizza in my face while I'm answering work emails? No! People can wait until the next day to find out if it's okay to wear not wear tights to class ; ) 

I'm so pumped for this!!
It begins....NOW. Pizza's done :)

Bye friends :)   

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