Tuesday, November 20, 2012

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

I'm so excited that my favorite weekend of the year begins in just one more day! I love Thanksgiving weekend so much. Matt and I have so many fun traditions that I cannot wait to do again this year. Thanksgiving will be spent with Matt's family again this year, except this year we will be at Mel & Clint's new house. We will play games and sleepover that night. Friday...we love Black Friday. We always use it to get things that we have been needing around the house and the last of our Christmas gifts will be purchased for everyone. Our toaster crashed on us 2 months ago but we've been waiting until Black Friday so we can get an awesome one :) We also put our tree up and decorate that day! Saturday is always my Christmas craft day! Love that day. This year I have quite a few projects in the works and I cannot wait to blog about them. We also will be going to Snowflake Lane again! *drum, drum, drum, drum, drum-drum-drum-SNOWFLAKE LANE!* Ha, we've been singing that all month long getting pumped up about it lol. 

Here are pictures of me at Snowflake Lane in years past (apparently we just take pictures of me with all the characters lol).

Snowflake Lane 2009

Snowflake Lane 2010

Snowflake Lane 2011 (I can't find the pictures but this was right before we went outside, me and my mom) :)

Here are the crafts I will be attempting this weekend! Some are things I pinned last year that I am finally doing now.

I bought all the ornaments for this today. You string all the ornaments onto a ribbon and then hang from your curtain rod. I bought super fun colors that match all of our whimsical Christmas decor. I almost made it today but I'm going to save it for Christmas Craft Saturday ; )

I am going to make a massive string of marshmallows and hang it on our tree. I love when trees are fun looking and super full of ornaments. I'm going to watch Christmas movies and string away. I'm thinking The Family Stone and The Grinch might even make it out before then...tonight??? I convinced Matt to watch Elf with me on Sunday night, hehe.

I'm also got some clear ornaments that I am going to be filling with fun things like sequins. I'd like to make some Christmas cookies and wrap some gifts too. I bought Matt's big gift today. It's so annoying, he totally knows. I really wish we had kids this Christmas. He's no fun to shop for. He always guesses and then it sucks. Oh hey, I'm just going to save money forever to get you this present to have you guess what it is before I even wrap it. Lame! Grinch like if you ask me ; ) 
I also had to make a special phone call to a friend far away for his surprise gift. Plan is in action now. Yay, at least I'll have one surprise for him.

I'm just so pumped for this weekend! Nothing could break my spirit right now! 
I can't wait to gobble up some turkey. We're making the Nuts & Bolts tomorrow night. It's going to be hard to not eat them until Thursday. Yummmmmm


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