Saturday, August 11, 2012

Great Friends!

Today was great.
Sadly, I have no pictures because there was no opportune time today to whip out my iPhone for a photo. But, today is still worth writing about because we loved it. 

We made breakfast together this morning (I love when we cook together).
Had a jam session with singing and amazing dance moves (by Matt) in the bathroom while getting ready. Mostly to our new favorite song, "Some Nights" by Fun. 

We met with Alex and Matt at the Issaquah Farmers Market so they could get a new experience in Issaquah. Alex will now be 2nd in command at the studio and I have never felt better or been more excited about a decision for our business. After the market we all went to lunch at Coho and then got to show them the studio for the first time. They just moved here from St. Louis and I cannot wait for my team girls to meet her on Monday! We had such a great time with them. Matt and Matt got along really well too. I think we will be great friends :)

After hanging with them we came home and chilled for a couple hours and then got to head over to Chris & Katie's for dinner. We love any time spent with them and tonight was just another one of those, "I love you, you're my best friend" nights. I could talk to Katie about anything and everything and will always be having a great time. It was also fun to see that Avery has learned to clap and it's pretty darn cute :) After dinner their neighbors came over and we learned some new board games from them. I want to play them both again. One was hilarious, "Snorta" and one was just plain fun, "Tsuro". 

We enjoyed some yummy mojitos made by Chris (I love mojitos!), and Katie made yummy sausage/onion sandwiches with corn on the cob. Mmmm Mmmm Mm! 

We couldn't believe that we hung out with two sets of friends in one day.
We loved it so so much!
I cannot imagine us anywhere else than where we live right now...
Life is good.

I actually heard this quote in one of my new favorite Justin Bieber songs, "The grass ain't always greener on the other side, it's green where  you water it..." and now I found this on Pinterest.
We have definitely been watering the lawn, and it's beautiful :)

Tomorrow will be another happy, tennis & Matt's parents are coming over for dinner to watch the Closing Ceremonies. Can you believe they are basically over already?! Whoa!

Time to go read "Kingdom Keepers"...Matt's got me hooked and our plan is to read the 5th one together on the cruise...I've got some catching up to do. {Kingdom Keepers are a pre-teen/teen chapter book series about what happens at Walt Disney World after hours..} Ha, we love them so SO much!


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