Sunday, August 5, 2012

Today Rocked!

I know I wrote this morning already, but today is one for the books.
Today was nothing extraordinary. It was just an all around, good day.

We were productive and had fun from the time we woke up and we're still having fun now at 9:30pm.

Chilled in bed then decided to take Cogs for a walk. Cogsy was so happy :)
Walked around our whole neighborhood.
Costco for samples (all the samples!) and hot dogs :)
Ate yummy burgers for dinner and I finished watching Bridesmaids while Matt did homework.
We watched Matt's favorite rollercoaster show :)
We went out and played tennis. We've never done that together before and we loved it!! home and decided to go swimming at our pool which we've also never done together. We were like little kids. We had contests, he was Phelps and I was Lochte lol. We also had contests who could do the best flips under water. (Matt won because I have to plug my nose lol). Matt also tried to teach me how to go under without plugging my nose...I failed...panicked when it went up my nose...didn't try again. Ha. We'll have to just go again. Matt also gave me rides around the pool on his back holding my legs pulling me around. Ha! It makes me giggle thinking how much fun it was to just be silly. 

Best part, Matt wanted to do it all too.
I could cry it made me so happy.
Best. Day. Ever.
And, it was nothing special.
We spent a whole $5.00 today and paid in change. (One of those days) We made it awesome! I told Matt I wish we just had change everyday...he told me "let's not push it..." lol. 

August is going to be the best if we keep having days like today! Matt started this morning off by reminding me that we don't need money when we're so lucky we have each other. Soon, very soon, things will be so good. In the meantime...he made today rock. I just loved it so so much. He just kept wanting to do stuff and I did not disagree! 

I hope this is the start of a great week. My favorite camp this week..'Shake it Up Dance Camp" Hip Hop camp! :) I'm ready!!

Now time to go watch some Olympics and eat popcorn with Matt!

Oh hahaha and we discovered something today....Matt's going bald!! (Don't worry, he thinks it's funny too) : ) I already warned him that this must be documented. 


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