Sunday, September 29, 2013

First Day Back {Working Mama}

{This post is so I can remember my first insane full day away from Lilly Belle}

Saturday was my first full day back to work. Our Fall quarter began at both the Community Center and the studio. So far, our quarter is off to a great start! We even had to have a sub for the studio and those classes went great! I was so pleased. I got many emails saying how much fun the kids had. We have lots of new families this quarter so it's really time to re-build. 

Anyway...where I was going with this is that yesterday was an exhausting day.
Lilly had a rough night and we were up about every 2 hours. She wasn't crying or anything, just eating a ton! So I guess she didn't have a rough night...we did ; ) Then in the morning I had to wake up to an alarm which sucked because I had to wake up when she was still sleeping. I got myself ready and then got Lilly fed and ready. I had a ton of tears and anxiety about this day for a few days leading up to Saturday. I was dreading it like it was the plague. I knew I was going to be away from her from 9-5 and was going to have to have enough milk for her and was going to have to pump all day in between teaching and it was all just really stressing me out and making me super nervous and upset. 
So.....(man I get sidetracked) I got us ready and I was feeding her and knew we had to hurry so I wouldn't be late. Then...BAM...girlfriend spit up all her medicine and everything I had fed her. Literally, everything. It was awful. It got in her hair, it was in her eyes, it was all over her clothes. Everywhere..and I was already pushing being late for the first day. AH. Matt and I quickly got her cleaned up, dressed again and I fed her a tiny bit to "top her off" and we were out. And...I wasn't late. But...I cried the entire way to classes. Like bawling. Matt and Lilly dropped me off and I taught 3 classes at the Community Center 9:00-9:40 (2-3's), 10:00-10:45 (3-5's) & 11:00-11:45 (5-7's). 

I was okay with the morning. My first two classes are a ton of fun! The kids were all adorable (only have one super obnoxious kid in my last class...obnoxious like "I don't care if you don't give me a stamp, they're stupid!" yeah...awesome). I was so glad that part of my day was done so I could see my sweet girl! I called Matt between each class and that was a mistake because one of the times I called, Lilly Belle was screaming in the background. 

So, then we were off to the studio so I could do a birthday party. It was one of my team kids so I was able to feed Lilly while they decorated. That made me so happy! 

Then, Matt took her over to Nana and Papa's while I did the party. That made me feel better because they were right next door. 

Our timing got messed up because Lilly was cluster feeding all day and she ate a pumped milk right before the party ended, so...I had 30 minutes after that party to eat lunch, pump & prep for the next party. Yeah...that barely happened. Ate only my chicken nuggets Matt brought me, pumped only 2 ounces & then had to quick put it away as I saw the next family walking in for their party from 3-5. 

Then....I hosted that party.
By around 4pm I was crashing. I started to feel sick and exhausted. We had to cancel our plans to hang out with our friends Dan & Marianela because I just felt awful. 

Oh Oh and before I forget! We didn't really realize it until we realized it, but Lilly had a babysitter for the first time! Papa! Matt left her with Papa to get me McDonald's and then when he got to me I was so hungry that it didn't click to me that he didn't have Lilly and so I had him helping me for a good 20 minutes and then was like "Oh shit, Matt! LILLY!" We both realized it at the same time so then Matt headed back over :) Papa got to babysit :) 

I made it through the most crazy day. 
When I got home, both Lilly & I were just off. 
It was insane rain and wind outside so we just put our pjs on and cuddled in bed for a while when I got home. She nursed for a whole hour. Not really eating, just wanting to be latched to me. She fell asleep in my arms then. I nursed her in bed too. I love doing that! So cool! 

After that nap, she ate every hour until she finally went down for bed at 10pm. 
We even did bath time around 8pm to get her to sleep some but she was just off. 

Then, girlfriend and I slept until 4am! 10pm-4am! And then again until 8am! Thank you for 10 hours of sleep Miss Belle! 

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