Friday, September 6, 2013

Nama Visits Lilly Belle!

My mom came to visit and meet Lilly Belle this past week. She stayed with us for 8 days and soaked up every second of our sweet girl. We had such a great visit. We didn't do anything too exciting, just enjoyed spending time together and letting her have as much cuddles with Lilly Belle as possible.

We did do a few fun outings together. We went to Bellevue Square & Alderbrook Mall. That day ended up being a bit rough because I drank way too much caffeine and it turns out Lilly Belle isn't a fan. (Duh & oops!) She had the worst tummy ache all day and I felt awful. My mom & I took Lilly to Ikea for her first time as I needed to get some shelves for our studio. Lilly slept the entire time which was actually awesome. My mom helped us a lot with Lilly Belle & with the studio. On Sunday night, we went in to clean before a camp we were having started on Monday. My mom scrubbed the floors and cleaned the bathroom for us which was so nice! Matt cleaned the main area floors and I did a bunch of organizing. We also took my mom on a day trip to Bainbridge Island & Poulsbo.

It was a really nice visit and I wasn't ready for her to leave yet. She helped so much while she was there and it was just comforting to have her there even when she wasn't the one physically holding Lilly or helping with things. Just knowing she was there if I did need her was so nice.

She may be coming back again for another good visit mid-October. I really hope so!

First time Nama held Lilly Belle.

This picture cracks me up, popeye face! 

Day trip to Poulsbo & Bainbridge Island

Morning snuggles

Photoshoot :) A Hampe's favorite pastime lol

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