Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Our 2nd Anniversary

2 years! We celebrated our 2nd anniversary on September 2nd.
It feels more like 5 that we've been married. We've been through so much together. And gotten through so much together. Our 2nd year of marriage was so much fun. Starting off on our Alaskan Disney Cruise and trips to Whistler, Disneyland & Wisconsin and ending with the birth of our sweet Lilly Belle. It has been quite the year and I'm so excited for what is to come. I love Matt more everyday and even more now that I love him as my husband and father of my child. He is such an attentive husband and daddy to Lilly and I am so thankful for him.

Our 2nd anniversary was the perfect day!
We enjoyed the beautiful weather and spent the day together as a family of 3 in the city.

We started the morning off with breakfast at our new favorite breakfast spot, The Sammamish Cafe. Matt had steak and eggs and I enjoyed cereal crusted french toast. Yum! Lilly Belle slept the whole time. Actually, Lilly Belle slept through most of our adventures that day.

After breakfast, we came back home for a bit to gather ourselves and feed Lillian. We wanted to make sure she was well fed for the next part of our day.

I've been wanting to go to the Chihuly Glass Exhibit for a long time now and we finally had a chance to go. It was incredible. I'll let the pictures do the talking on this one...

Lilly made it through the whole exhibit before waking up and getting hungry. Good timing, girlfriend!
This was the first time I'd fed her breast milk from a bottle, it felt super weird. I tried to feed her using the cover but we were at Seattle Center and it was Bumbershoot so there were tons of creepers everywhere and after attempting to whip my boob out while hiding with the cover and then fearing it wasn't working, lol...we resorted to the bottle. Good thing we brought some frozen milk! 

Seconds after this photo was taken, Lilly spit up ALL over both of us lol. 

When we left the exhibit, I fed her more in our car while we were parked in the garage. This girl eats a ton! We were going to then head home and call it a day but Matt surprised me and took us to my absolute favorite place in the city, Greenlake! I was so excited. I know it sounds silly, but I've been dreaming of walking my own baby around Greenlake for almost 5 years now. I have taken many kids on walks around Greenlake and always told Matt about how I can't wait until one day I'm walking around with my own baby. When we first moved here so far away from anyone or anything I knew, Greenlake was my place. It was my place to get away and my place I felt comfortable. I was so excited when Matt took us here! I haven't been in a while and it felt good. I will definitely be going back with LB really soon! 

(Mommy is excited and Lilly is putting a spell on me as usual, lol.)

We made it halfway around to Starbucks. Lilly slept the whole time. Then, we got into Starbucks where there was a crazy long line because it was Labor Day and we were at Greenlake. We finally got to the front of the line and bam! Lilly woke up and was like a hungry animal lol. She just woke up screaming immediately, no warning cry or anything, just bam! Disturbing the peace. Matt ordered quickly and I pushed her around in circles while we waited for our drinks.

Then, I did it. I conquered a new mommy fear. 
I nursed Lilly right in the middle of the park. 
It felt so natural and awesome. I love breastfeeding so much! 
We chilled in the grass for a while just playing with Lilly and changed her diaper while she got to be nakie and feel the breeze lol. She got to feel all Seattle hippie, too. 

We had the best time!
After, we came home and just hung out with Lilly for a while and got her ready for bed.

Then we brought her basket out by us and Matt brought Chinese food home and we finally rented Silver Linings Playbook (amazing movie!) 

It was a wonderful anniversary and such a great day as a family.
I can't wait for so many more days like that! 

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  1. The glass is so pretty! Way to go nursing in public for the first time! You will do it all the time now that you've done it for the first time. It's so much easier than a bottle. I love it too!

    We celebrated our second anniversary on September 3rd!