Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things

Tonight I feel like writing.
I have nothing in particular to write about, so I'm just going to write about some of my current favorite things.

Currently, I have 3 favorite series that I am obsessed with...

Sunday nights we watch Revenge and 666 Park Avenue. I get super scared before going to bed after watching 666 Park Avenue but I'm hooked! I run into our room immediately after it's over (literally run...and jump on the bed away from under the bed). I get scared because we have a mirror over where I sleep that used to be Matt's Grandma's and I don't like looking in it at night after watching that show. Scary!! Matt does the same thing lol. He'll go turn off all the lights and then bolt into our room yelling "turn the light on, turn the light on!" Ha!!! If we ever have kids one day, they are going to be the biggest chickens lol! 

Anyway, I love the show so much!

We just started watching Revenge this season but we get what's going on and it's really good!

LOVE this show! I look forward to my Monday nights after teaching dance for 4 straight hours knowing I get to chill and watch this after. : )

We've also been watching, "The Voice." That's good too.

I'm also obsessed with these bad boys lately and am on my 3rd bag since Saturday...oops...stressed much?.... Mmm, Milano Double Chocolate Cookies!! 

My favorite fall drink from Starbucks right now is a Grande Salted Caramel Mocha. Mmmm!!

We also have been snacking on our bowl of candy corn mixed with peanuts! Tastes like Payday candy bars! Holy yum!! 

Oooh aren't we healthy over here lol. I figure dancing 21 hours a week I'm allowed to eat as many cookies as I want ; ) Matt's been taking super long walks with Cogsy everyday too so he's allowed as well ; ) ha! 

Oooo...I am also currently obsessed with my orange and blue oversized scarf, my teal fleece and my moccasins. : ) 

It's the little things that I have to focus on making me happy lately. 
It's also helping knowing that in just 22 days we will be at Disneyland! 
Alex told me tonight that beginning in November she'll take two more of my classes :) So my schedule in November will be way easier, I'll just have 16 classes/week then! Yay!!! I can totally do that :) 

I realize this is probably boring to read, but it's my stress reliever to write when I get home. 


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