Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What We've Been Up To...

Time is just flying by. It's frightening actually.
In just 7 days we will be taking my team kids to Disneyland to perform in the Disneyland Christmas Day Parade taping for ABC. They have been working so incredibly hard and so have Alex (my co-director) and I. It's so much work getting everything together...

Making sure the girls know the choreography, making sure everyone is flying in on the right times/days, making sure everyone knows where to meet and when and what they should be wearing and how their hair and make up needs to look. They needed to get certain socks, shoes, tights......It's been crazy.

Life has been a bit of a whirlwind. 
The kids have practice with us everyday from now until we leave, yes...even on Sunday. I am going to take them there knowing I did everything I could to make sure they are ready and feel prepared so they can go and enjoy themselves and not worry about not making it in when we arrive (our team has to perform for the ABC/Dance the Magic staff when we arrive to be approved that we know the choreography). Yikes! 

I have been having an awfully hard time with one of our team parents that finally last night I had to ask to not come back after Disney. It was one of the hardest things I've had to face yet. She said hurtful things, but I shrugged them off and then proceeded to hold our team parent meeting while she rolled her eyes at me at least 10 times. (Knots in my stomach). Matt was awesome and sat with me for the whole thing, never leaving my side. He even talked to the parents during the meeting explaining to them all the behind the scenes Disney scenarios. I was really proud of him. 

I feel good knowing that as soon as we walk through those gates at Disneyland, all this drama is behind me and I will officially for real be pretty stress free. I imagine my job feeling fairly similar to any other jobs stress level after this. least for a few months until competition season hits ; ) No more knots in my tummy anymore though about mean moms :) Yay! 

Today I thought it would be a good idea for me to make a list of things that are currently making me happy (lots of negativity happening with this mom..she's trying to bring me down and I won't let her).

*Tonight I made grilled cheese with ham and turkey and we ate it with cozy tomato soup for dinner. Yum! 

*13 of my 15 Disneyland kids are making me the happiest and proudest dance teacher around. (2 of them unfortunately belong to that mom and they've been a handful)

*I bought new dance pants and a new work-out top to wear to work. Yay for new work clothes!

*We leave for DISNEYLAND in 7 days!!!! We will be there for 6 days total and only 2 of them require me to work :) We have some very special things planned that include a dinner at Club 33 with one of my team kids and their mom who got us in, and dinner at Carthay Circle with our good friends we met on our Disney Cruise! 

I'm so so pumped!

In other news, Matt is currently rooting for his Giants as they are winning Game #1 of the World Series! It's loud here right now.

Also, Cogsy ate an entire bag of candy corn and peanuts and was really sick yesterday. $137.00 later, he is feeling better. Lots of trips to the bathroom....and he is confined to the kitchen until he's completely better. We're glad he's okay though!


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