Monday, October 29, 2012

Real Life.

Life has been pretty intense lately. That is the only word to describe it right now. These past few weeks have taught me so much. I have learned that I am stronger than I thought I was and that I can do a lot of things on very little sleep. 

I bought this journal the other day just because I liked what it says on the cover.

A few weekends ago we babysat for one of my team kids and she snuggled with me on the couch all night watching Disney Channel dance shows :) Pretty much the best thing ever. I got to tuck her in and was reminded why I do my job. I always hope that I can be more than just a teacher for my kids. I hope they are always a part of my life and vice versa. 

I discovered that QFC has my new favorite wine. Mmmm! Usually I'm a white wine girl, but the more and more I drink wine the more and more I like red. Last night I finished the bottle and when we get home from Disneyland I'm for sure going to get more :) 

Matt has been fully engulfed in his Giants. And...they have won the World Series :) I have a happy husband with his Giants and Disneyland all in one week. 

Poor Cogsy Wogsy got sick last week. Hopefully he has learned and will not be eating candy corn anymore..... yikes. Here he is during our visit to the vet.

When the Disneyland tickets came in last week, things got real.... :)

I tried to have a photo shoot with Miss Avery...they just wanted my phone. She doesn't sit still anymore :) I can't believe that she is already 10 months old!! 

After Cogsy got sick he was confined to the kitchen. This is how he felt when we finally let him out. Poor guy :( Look how he has his arm on Matt's chest. Seriously...! Cutest dog ever. He's human I swear.

Then, the girls costumes for Disneyland arrived and things got REAL

Um seriously, I have the cutest dance kids on the planet. She is my youngest going to Disneyland, just turned 6 in August. I'm so so proud of them! 

The girls have had practice everyday (Sat & Sun, too). My Junior team girls have shown such leadership with my little ones. This picture says it all. I'm so so proud of them! 

We leave for Disneyland in 2 days. The girls have one last practice tomorrow night. They all have Ballet from 5-6pm and then have rehearsal from 6-7:30...they don't know this yet, but Alex and I have decided to throw them a party tomorrow night instead of practicing. They're going to be so excited! I'm so impressed by all of their hard work and how they have pulled together as a team even with additional side drama going on. 

Matt and I are so ready to be at Disneyland. Tomorrow should go pretty fast. Wednesday I only teach in the morning and then we're going over to Alex & Matt's for Halloween. 
7:00am flight on Thursday and we'll be there!! 
Things are really starting to come together at the studio. My life Our Life, has officially been taken over by dance. It has happened. I'm so thankful for having such a supportive husband. He has come to every practice with me (body guard) and he has helped a lot with the kids and getting everything ready for Disneyland. I could not have done this without him.

I'm so excited now!!!



  1. I am glad poor Cogsy is doing better! Also, I hope you guys have an amazing time in Disneyland! I am jealous...then I remind myself I get to go in just one month! Shhh...don't tell the's a surprise!

  2. I'm so excited for you! I hope you have the most amazing time! I was in dance from the time I was 6 til I graduated high school and I absolutely loved it. My dance teacher, Ms Kimberly, was so much more than just a teacher and I know you are the same to your kids!

  3. Casie, I did not know you were going! Yay!!! I won't tell :)

    And Bridgett, I love that you have such fond memories of your dance teacher :) I hope I can be that to my dance kids too!