Sunday, October 14, 2012

Wine & Sushi

Today I went out with Katie (Avery) & Ashley to Woodinville.
We did some wine tasting and had some fabulous sushi.
It was so nice to be with friends and have a relaxing, fun day.

I didn't eat before we left (oops) and was a little too happy after our first winery, lol. 
Sushi helped and then I was good to go for our 2nd winery.

Mmm Mmm! 
I was adventurous with sushi today and had a few new kinds.
I also discovered a delicious red wine at Matthews Cellars. (I loved that it was from Matthews) :) 

Super fun day.

{fussy wallet :) }

{Ashley and I at Matthew's Cellars}

I really enjoyed today being out with friends :) 


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  1. I wrote you a super long comment on your other blog and couldn't post it..then I was going to email you and couldn't find your email. Bummer.

    Have fun in Disney!