Thursday, August 1, 2013

38 Weeks

Little Miss Belle has dropped!
How Far Along?  38 Weeks! 

How Big is Baby? Big. According to my app, she is the size of a pumpkin :) 

Total Weight Gain: Around 40 lbs.

Maternity Clothes? Always. Some of those are even getting too small. My options are limited when getting dressed everyday.

Stretch Marks? Just the one little one I found a week or two ago. 

Sleep:  Now that I'm off on maternity leave, I just sleep whenever I'm tired. Middle of the day...11am...6pm...just whenever I feel tired, I sleep. 

Best Moment this Week: Friday & Saturday were exciting days thinking she was soon to arrive...I am thankful for those happy days I had and the excitement I got to experience. Tuesday night/Wednesday early morning happened again. Last night (Wednesday night) had tons of contractions...timed about 7 min. apart. Today I've been having them randomly, too. My body is definitely working and she is ready and healthy :)

Miss Anything: Fitting in my clothes. 

Movement: Tons. Smaller and tighter and sharper. Super painful. 

Food Cravings: Really, really thirsty all the time. And I just eat a lot...

Anything making you queasy or sick:  When I eat too much or leaning forward or bending down.

Gender:  Lillian girl.

Symptoms: Super swollen feet that get progressively worse throughout the day. Intense back pain. I'm basically in pain 24/7. Sounds fun, huh?

Labor Signs: 2 cm / 70% effaced as of Saturday, 7/28. Lots of contractions. Some are just Braxton Hicks, some are real deal painful.

Looking Forward to: Lillian's arrival. I am so excited for labor and delivery and to hold my sweet baby in my arms. Excited for our appointment tomorrow morning and to know if I've progressed any more. All these contractions have had to have done something...

Things to Note: Matt and I are both home now all day everyday. Today was a really fun day together. Had a hard morning, but after Matt helped me move on from that craziness we had a really nice day. We just hung out and took a really nice walk together with Cogsy. I made a peanut butter pie, too and we're pumped for dessert tonight :) If this were to be our last day alone together, I wouldn't have had it any other way...lots of silliness and laughing together. We needed a good day like that :)