Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Lilly Belle Meets Her Cousins, Auntie & Uncle

Our sweet girl met her Auntie Megan, Uncle Chris & her cousins on Sunday (8/19). We were so excited for them to meet our Lilly Belle and the kids reactions could not have been better. They were so excited; especially Clare & Quenton. Caitlin was a little timid about her at first but then she too warmed up quickly and joined in the excitement of finally meeting their cousin, "Wiwwy Bewwe". 

Clare was so excited to get to hold her. She did a really good job! Quenton was very concerned when Lilly Belle's paci fell out and he quickly put it back in for her, it was so cute. He did it all on his own. They were all so good with her and it was just too cute!

It was so crazy to see Chris & Megan with another baby. With our baby! It was so fun how happy and excited they all were. It made us really happy.  Lilly Belle sure has a lot of people that love her. Lucky girl! :)

It was so great seeing them all together!
I hope the kids all grow up to be close :)