Saturday, August 10, 2013

One Day...(Written August 3rd 7pm)

Wrote this post at 7pm on August 3rd. Just an hour and a half before my water broke. Oh little did I know... I so love reading this now.


Feels a little better to know that what is happening to me right now is something that happens more often than we hear of. Feels good to know that I'm not alone in having such a hard time with this.

Prodromal Labor: something I'd never learned of before...something that is now extremely real to me.

Maybe these articles will help family/friends to understand what I'm going through right now. It is physically painful and an emotional roller coaster. It's hard to wake up with painful contractions everyday thinking we are going to meet Lilly and then...nothing. Go from super high to low and then high again. It's exhausting. Put this on top of regular pregnancy hormones = not fun.

And this...just encouraging right now.

I cannot wait for the day when this pain will bring our Lilly to us, in our arms. Today has been exhausting. Fun, because I stayed calm and was in heaven by how much pain the contractions were bringing to my body. I had several moments of such intense pain that I just "knew" it was real. Nope. I'm thankful for those moments though and continue to remind myself that this cannot last forever. One of these days will be the real thing. One of these days we really will need to head to the hospital and one of these days I really will be holding Lilly...


Just 6 hours after writing this (and deciding it best to not publish it)...we met our beautiful girl. Life is so crazy.


  1. I definitely did not believe I was in labor the day before I had my daughter. I didn't believe it until my water broke, it was just over 6 hours after that when my daughter was born!