Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bath-time Fun!

Girlfriend loves bath-time. 
She sits there and will just stare and stare.
As long as we keep a washcloth over her to keep her warm, she loves it.

Her favorite part is after we wash her, we always wrap her in a towel to wash her hair in the sink. Its like baby spa time for her. We discovered her love for this when she was just 1 day old and the nurse washed her hair this way at the hospital. 

My absolute favorite time of the day is after bath when we just cuddle her all wrapped up in her towel. Her cute hair all wet and clean. She is always so cozy and just stares at us as we sing to her and talk to her about awesome things like Disneyland. 

"...this is the life..."

"No fair. Are you serious, Daddy? I have to be how tall to ride Indiana Jones?!" 

We are loving our new life so much! She makes everything so much better. 


  1. You are lucky she likes bathtime. My newborn (3 1/2 weeks old hates bathtime, hopefully she will like it soon. Glad motherhood is going well for you, it is a wonderful thing isn't it!

    1. Aw, that's a bummer. I hope she enjoys it soon. I'm thankful we have bath time to use for evening fussys :)