Sunday, August 25, 2013

Lilly Belle: 3 Weeks Old

Once our sweet girl is 1 month, I'm just going to do these posts monthly. 
Time is just flying by! Lilly Belle is getting so big!

Lilly Belle's Favorites: 
*Getting her hair washed & brushed at night
*Being swaddled when she's tired or fussy
*Sleeping in her Moses Basket
*White noise from a fan, blow dryer or our iPhone app

What's New?
*Lilly Belle created a bit of a sleep schedule for herself and we are loving it! For 4 night in a row, she ate around 8 or 9pm and then we swaddled her and put her in her basket or she cuddled with Matt until 12 and then again at 3 & 6, almost on the dot! Now that she takes bottles, Matt stayed up until her midnight feeding and fed her. I went to bed a little after she does the first time around 9:30 or 10pm and then slept until her 3am feeding. Then I got another like 2 hours before the 6am feeding and then I'm up for the day while her and Matt sleep until around 8 or 9am. Then we're all up and the day begins. Throughout the day, her sleep/eat schedule is still pretty random.

*She had a rough night with a tummy ache and the sleep schedule she had went out the window. It's still 3 times per night that I feed her. Well...once around 11/12, then one or two more times before her 6/7am feeding when we're up for the day.

*Lilly Belle met her Nama! We are so happy to have her here too :) It's nice that Lilly takes a bottle so Nama can help with feedings too and we've had even more sleep.

*On Wednesday night (8/21) Lilly slept/cuddled on me for a whole hour. This never happens and makes me so sad. Usually when I want to hold her during her awake time, she just wants to eat and use me as a pacifier. For once, I was able to be the one to soothe her and then she fell asleep on my chest for that precious most amazing hour. I eventually had to put her in her basket because we were both getting too sweaty and I was worried about her getting too hot. It was definitely a moment I soaked up every second of.

*Mommy went to work at the studio twice this week. Monday & Wednesday, both to interview ballet instructors. Our sweet girl slept through all the music and chatty silly girls.

*Lilly Belle's newborn diapers and now too small for her and we need to get Size 1. We discovered this after she had several blow outs due to her diapers just not fitting right. Our baby girl is already getting so big!

*My mom and I put away a ton of her newborn clothes that already no longer fit her. I was pretty sad about this, but also so glad our sweet girl is growing so much. We went on a shopping spree at Carter's and she is now set with 3 month sized clothes. Yikes!

*We had a rough day on Friday (8/23) Lilly had a super rough night from about 6pm-10:20pm. It was straight up fussy/screaming/crying the whole time. All day she had been spitting up her food (like basically all of it) so we know she had a tummy ache. I drank too much caffeine, that's what we think did it. I felt so bad (I may or may not have cried as I held her).

*Overall, Lilly is still a pretty relaxed/easy-going baby. She gets fussy at night, but not every night. We really can't complain. Could be a lot harder than it is! We are very lucky :)

Ha! It cracks me up when she makes this face :)

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