Monday, August 19, 2013

Lilly Belle: 2 Weeks Old

(Lilly Belle kept wiping the board clean...oops)

Another week gone by? We can't believe our sweet girl is already 2 weeks old! Things are really starting to feel natural around here. Nights are getting easier and I cannot imagine life without Lilly Belle around. She is such a good baby and we feel really lucky and thankful for that. We had her 2 week check-up today and we are so proud! Lilly is now 7 lbs 4 oz (she was 6 lbs 9 oz when she was born). She is 20 inches long which means she grew 2 inches! We knew she looked bigger.

***Correction as of 8/21...Lilly weighed 7 lbs 14 oz at her appointment! not 4 oz.***

*Lilly is in the 50th percentile for her weight & 90th percentile for her height.

*Lilly Belle loves getting her hair washed. It is our new way to calm our sweet baby during her evening fussy time. We wrap her up in a towel and I just wash her hair in the sink. She gets this look of such calm, like she's at a baby spa. It's the cutest!

*We visited the beach house for the first time and spent the night. It was probably the worst night with sleeping and eating that we've had so far. Poor girl just couldn't get comfortable. Its like she knew we weren't home. She was up crying/fussing/screaming from around 10pm-4am on and off. There was no solid chunk of sleep that whole night. We're hoping it was just a fluke. Matt and I are also wondering if it bothers her when I drink wine. I gave it enough time before feeding her again, but still. So, no more wine until we can start giving her my milk from bottles.

*Lilly Belle met more of my dance families this week. It's been so much fun to see them with her. And my families have been so sweet bringing us meals every night. We didn't have to make dinner for the first week and a half of her life. So amazing.

*On Wednesday, August 14th, we went on our first outing together. We went to the mall and Lilly handled it amazingly well. She got to go to the Disney Store and for a bit she had her eyes open in there so she totally saw it ; ) She slept so I could buy some jeans at Express. I even got to try on jeans at a few other stores and she just chilled with Daddy and didn't make a peep. When she got hungry, her and I went to the Family Room for 40 minutes while she nursed and I changed her diaper. Matt just got to chill on his own for a while :) It was perfect.

*Lilly Belle now notices the toys that hang from her carseat and bouncer seats. She will notice them and try so hard to focus in on them just staring and staring. I love it.

*She fits in her carseat much better now than she did when we first came home. We're so curious to know how much she weighs now.

*We went back to the beach house and stayed from Thursday-Sunday. Thursday and most of Friday we were there with her alone and it was so fun to just be our little family there. She got to meet a lot more family on Sunday as we had a family birthday party.

*Lilly Belle got to meet her Auntie Megan, Uncle Chris & cousins on Sunday, too! It was so awesome to have them finally meet her! :)

Lilly Belle met lots of my dance kids this week :) 

My friend, Jessica, came over to do Lilly Belle's newborn photos. They're amazing!

Lilly Belle wore her new beach dress to the beach house

Uncle Clint held Lilly Belle for the first time and seemed pretty comfortable ; ) 

Lilly Belle loves her Uncle Clint :) 

Uncle Clint & Auntie Mel can't believe how teeny Lilly is!

First time hanging out with Auntie Mel :) 

Lots more sleep smiles. I love catching these! Sweet girl...

Squishy baby :)

Madison was excited to meet Lilly Belle after spending the whole summer helping me at camp everyday!

Girlfriend does this a lot. Beauty sleep is a big deal around here.

Little Miss practiced Tummy Time for the first time this week. She's so strong and it didn't bother her at all! :) 

Bath-time is still our favorite. Especially getting her hair washed.

Lilly Belle discovered her toys!

She met another one of her babysitters :) 

She's getting so big already! Last week she didn't look nearly this big in her Snugga Monkey!

Lots and lots of sleeping. She is our little Houdini and always manages to get her arms out of her swaddles so she can sleep with her hands by her head.

 So many cuddles with Daddy!

Watching ESPN with Daddy at the beach house.

This deserves its own post! Lilly Belle meeting her cousins for the first time. And without planning it, all 4 kids were in navy blue and jean dresses :) 

Auntie Megan meeting Lilly Belle :)

Uncle Chris was really excited about her too and it was really awesome :) 

More cuddles with Daddy...

Hanging out with Nana watching Daddy & Papa play ping pong.

We are so so in love!


  1. She is just too cute!!! I always try to make friends meals when they have babies -- it's so nice to not have to worry about cooking!!

    1. That's so nice! We have still only had to cook once. We have another meal tonight and then a bunch of freezer meals from a group of friends. It's been so so nice!

  2. Oh my goodness! She is precious! Love love love her hair and that cute face. she's beautiful. congrats you two! Enjoy..they sure grow up fast :(

    1. Thank you Randi! I am trying to soak it all up, she's already so big to us :(

  3. She is so cute. My daughter is a month old so I know how fast time flies!!!

  4. I love how she is looking at you in the second to last pic. So sweet!

    1. It's my favorite when she looks at us :)