Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Daddy & Lilly

Matt fed Lilly with a bottle for the first time today (8/19). We had our 2-week check up today and asked when it would be okay to introduce the bottle because I go back to work in 6 weeks. Our pediatrician said that we could go for it now because Lilly Belle is such a good eater.

We were a little nervous that it would be the end of breastfeeding for me because she gets really frustrated when it doesn't come out fast enough, but she was amazing.

After Matt gave her 2 oz from the bottle, she was still hungry. She then ate with me again right after. She didn't care how she was getting her food, she just wanted to eat. She's such a good baby!

The first few seconds she wasn't so sure...

But in about 10 seconds she realized it was food and was totally fine with the bottle!

She is definitely Daddy's Girl already!

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  1. cute! we introduced both bottles with my boob too and im glad its going well! yay lilly!