Saturday, April 21, 2012

24 - The Road to Seabrook!

My birthday was the best ever.
I have like 5 million pictures from this weekend so I'll do my best to condense it to only my favorite million ; ) On Thursday we made it out the door by 7am, got some Starbucks and just made it to the Bainbridge ferry. We made a few stops on our way to Seabrook, WA making it a 9 hour drive (should take 3 but we went the long way). Here are the pictures from our drive there and all the fun places we stopped! Such an amazing birthday :) I'm very excited to be 24. This post is cut in two because there are too many photos. I'll post a new one from our trip everyday this week.

{just as we left}

{view from the ferry}

{on the ferry to Bainbridge Island. It was a beautiful morning. See the Space Needle :)}

{It's not a road trip without Nuts & Bolts and Matt had Diet Dr. Pepper}

{71 Miles to Forks!}...(next post)

{Port Angeles, just like in Twilight. We drove through Port Angeles to go to Hurricane Ridge at Olympic National Park. By this point, Cogsy was getting a little antsy so it was great to be able to let him out. We had him in his crate in the back seat for the drive. For the most part, he did pretty well. We think we're going to bring him to Sunriver because he did well in the car for 9 hours!}

{Heading into Olympic National Park}

{Higher than the clouds}

{It was terrifying up there. There aren't guardrails on most of the way up the mountain. It was so windy...see how this sign is upside down...! I kept yelling to Matt "SLOW DOWN." I was more scared than Tower of Terror. Matt agreed. The roads were icy. One wrong turn and you'd die. No joke. Hurricane Ridge was unfortunately not my favorite part of my birthday like I thought it would be. So cold, windy and snowing. I was ready for sun and beach, not cold and snow. The views were breathtaking though and for that, I am glad we went up.}

{See the white fluffs in the background...those would be clouds...}

{Made it down alive. Then we were to my favorite parts of the day (other than getting to Seabrook). The drive to Lake Crescent was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.}

{This is real. I felt like I was in Twilight lol.}

{Cogsy got to go off leash at Lake Crescent. He has been loving that about this weekend! This lake was the most beautiful lake I've ever seen. The water is green/blue. I told Matt I wanted to jump in! I couldn't believe how beautiful the water was. I could have stayed there all day. I would love to go on a picnic with Matt and Cogsy there this summer. Even just to drive there and back. So worth it...even if it was 3.5 hours from home.}

{Lake Crescent}

{Look at that water!! So clear. I've never seen a lake like that.}

{Cogsy wasn't so sure about the water. Now here at Seabrook, he's a pro prancing about in the ocean. We are loving watching him have so much fun here.}

{Birthday Girl with my new kicks!}

{Tired Puppy}

We saw so many beautiful things on the way to Seabrook. I'm glad we made the drive around instead of taking the short 3-4 hour drive there. We still have all of today and tomorrow left here in Seabrook. Right now we're relaxing for a bit in our cottage because we just spent two hours at the beach and we're exhausted. After dinner we're going back. I'm making PF Changs Lettuce Wraps for dinner tonight.  YUM! .... Now time to go read on our porch and drink a Mudslide :) I could sure get used to this....maybe one day we can buy a house here. Better start saving now lol.

To be continued...
Coming Soon
*Our Cottage and all it's cuteness
*Seabrook (details about where we are staying)
*Ocean Fun
*Homemade Cinnamon Roll Recipe that I made this morning and tasted JUST like Cinnabon (no joke)
...and more. We're having a blast. I love having time like this with Matt. I'm soaking in every second.

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