Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Last Day of 23.

Today is the last day I'll ever get to be 23 years old.
Tomorrow morning, I will wake up a 24 year old. (I will wake up at 6am as a 24 year old)

Matt and I leave at 7am tomorrow for our road-trip to Seabrook, WA!
I just sat down for the first time today.
I taught 5 classes today, ran errands with Matt, got an oil change, packed & made a crap ton of food for the trip and for the Issaquah Meal Swap group I'm now a part of with one of my dance mom friends.
 (I'll blog about that later).

For our trip, I have prepared a lot of food! Being that it's my birthday trip, Matt let me pick all the recipes from Pinterest (I gave him one dinner...hehe I'm so nice sharing and letting him make steak {I don't love steak so much}). We shopped and got all of our groceries ahead of time so we don't spend mull going out. We will be going out to dinner once, and that's tomorrow night for my birthday. I've already checked the menu and will be having salmon...mmmm!!! Matt will be having...take a guess....yup...steak. Ha. 

Here is what I've made/prepped/will be making this weekend:
*Homemade Cinnamon Rolls (all dry ingredients are in bags labeled and pre-mixed)

*Peanut Butter Fruit Dip with cut up strawberries, baby carrots & bananas 

*Dirt Cups/Cake (and Sand Cups/Cake for Matt) 

*Nuts & Bolts (Matt's mom gave me the recipe and I now make it for family stuff and we always have it on road trips...usually made for us by Matt's mom) :) I made 4 batches! Ha. I probably ate a whole batch while I was making it though....Matt kept telling me to stop sneaking so many lol. It's Matt's favorite snack and actually mine now too :) It reminds me of so many fun things...Driving from FL to WI...Driving to Sunriver & being in Sunriver...and Thanksgiving :) Mmmmm!!!!

*We got yummy deli meat, bread and veggies to make sandwiches for lunch and we packed our picnic basket we used on our honeymoon and I bought a new picnic blanket that will be good in the sand if it's not too cold by the water :)
I'm super excited because as my birthday present Katie got us/me a basket filled with yummy picnic food!

She's so freakin' thoughtful!! I love her!! It made me so so so happy when she gave it to me today :)

*We bought WAY too much liquor. We'll never ever drink it all this weekend. Katie said her and Chris would be happy to help us finish it this summer though ; ) 
We bought a new vodka we've never seen before and it's Whipped Cream flavored and you mix it with orange soda to taste like creamsicles! YUM-O

WOW...if you made it to the end of this post....that's pretty good. Matt just read over my shoulder and said "No one wants to read that....seriously TMI". These are the kind of things I get excited about though and I'm proud of all the new recipes I'm making & trying. When I'm 50 I want to laugh at my 23 year old self for being excited over this :) 

It's 10:30pm so in WI I'm 24...which means technically I'm TWENTY-FOUR!! WAHOO!!! My Dad said to make this not a good year, but a great year! Okay :) I will! 24 starts in Seabrook, WA and ends in Orlando, FL with my husband!!...doesn't get better than that! 

I'll write all about our trip when we get home :)

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