Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunny Sister Saturday

Yesterday was a beautiful day! 
We drove out to hang out with Mel at Clint's house.

{long drive...we had Jamba because it was super warm and I made a bracelet on the way}

Unfortunately, we were there while Clint was working and we felt bad, but we had a lot of fun with Mel! 

We hung out and caught up on everything and then went to dinner at a restaurant on the water in Poulsbo.
{I love Poulsbo!}
I can't wait to go explore there more.

{hottie husband}

{we walked along the water on the way out, this was our view from dinner}


The restaurant was called "The Loft" and we had yummy chicken/bacon avocado sandwiches...mmmm!
Super fun afternoon :)
We will definitely head out there a bunch this summer...hopefully at times when Clint isn't working ; )
Mel and Clint are building their home out there so it will be fun to watch that grow too!

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